• Created By You. For You.
  • 54 Programs / 9 Parts
  • 816 Samples / 8.79GB
  • Soundpaint™ Engine (Free)
  • VST, AU and Standalone 


Free ASMR is a unique cloud collaboration instrument, made entirely of samples between us and you - our incredibly generous community. Over several months, we asked everyone to submit ASMR content so we could all explore and experience these wonderful synesthesia inducing recordings together. Thanks to you, this endeavor was a huge success and we collected over 8 GB of content, including everything from human whispers to woody rattles and papery crunches, to metallic scrapes and ceramic grit, to countless other truly inventive sounds.

ASMR is short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and when triggered, it creates a tingling physical sensation based on the sounds you hear. These recordings are normally intended to be heard with headphones for a more intense feeling of proximity and intimacy, but they can also add a fantastic variety of textures when used in non-ASMR contexts. With over 800 samples available across 9 Parts and 54 Programs, you can create a plethora of tantalizing new sounds to caress your listeners' ears.

The Free ASMR library will usher your audiences into sensations beyond simply hearing music, and filmmakers can now enrich their scores with new levels of psychoacoustic storytelling.  With this exclusive ASMR content playing through Soundpaint's powerful engine, you have an amazing Swiss army knife of tools at your disposal, enabling you to create layers of heightened emotion within your sonic landscapes.

Free ASMR is a follow-up to our popular Free Angels, Free Radicals, and Free You libraries, which were all realized in collaboration with our awesome community of users.  We asked contributors to create five or more ASMR sounds - percussive, melodic, or atonal - and everyone's donations became the Free ASMR library. The Soundpaint team further edited, programmed and designed the entire set, while also adding a large amount of their own personal sounds to it. We wanted to make this the best ASMR collection in the world, and deliver an absolutely spine-tingling new instrument. No restrictions, no rules, and no limits.



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