Unlock Hidden Gems!

Unlock Hidden Gems!

Soundpaint is rich on hidden gems!
Hidden gems are unique programs made by some of the greatest instrument designers in the world.  All the Hidden Gems were specifically designed by combining more than one instrument together with others.  Sometimes offering the most beautiful creations by using fragments of different instruments to make a new one.

Hidden gems are gradually unlocked as you build your personal collection of Soundpaint instruments.  The gems shows up as additional programs that are specifically designed by cross-pollinating different instruments in your collection.

The Soundpaint engine will notify you when you've unlocked new gems:

You can always also filter Hidden Gems by clicking the "gem"icon - located to the far right in the Soundpaint browser.  This will exclusive display which programs are designed as Hidden Gems. 

The Hidden Gems are exclusively produced by some of the greatest instrument and synth programmers in the world - and greatly expands upon the notion of what connotates an instrument and what does not.  

There are no limits to imagination in Soundpaint. 

All instruments live in the same environment, so you can quickly create never-heard-before instruments in a matter of seconds. 

Here is a few examples of Hidden Gems in Soundpaint.  In both examples using our Free 1928 Steinway Grand Piano together with our two, Beautiful Noises and 1990 Prepared Grand Piano, instruments.