Aleatoric Woodwind Orchestra

The Aleatoric Woodwind Orchestra is a comprehensive collection of aleatoric effects, split into groups of high and low woodwinds. Clusters, Arcs, pulses, growls, textures, chaos - with over 380 FX, it is near impossible to find an effect not covered.

With 3 microphones and the nearly endless array of effects and combinations in Soundpaint, the aleatoric woodwinds can become anything one can imagine.


From the 8-bit gaming sensation comes the GameBoi library, with all the sounds we remember from childhood!

We wanted to cover everything that can be done with these beauties, so we sampled almost a dozen different units, from the original to the advance.

With tens of thousands of samples, we really mean it when we say ultra deep sampled!

1994 LP Studio

Les Paul’s namesake guitar is the quintessential electric rock guitar. The LP has been a choice guitar for so many artists that it is impossible to name them all!

Les Paul was a true innovator in the industry, pioneering multi-track recording, all kinds of effects, and just being an all around great performer.

So it’s no wonder the guitar named for him has such a versatile sound, seeing use in all kinds of music, from rock to RnB, country to jazz, and just about everything in between.

Get ready to rock!

Polywax uds/sds

An absolute monster of a synth, the Polivoks was loaded with tons of awesome features we still value today. These synths were popular in their day and are now firmly cemented in the history books of analog subtractive synthesis, seeing a lot of use in film and triple-a video games.

Now, we can load the synth up in Soundpaint, forget about all the quirks, and take the synth to new realms of sonic creation!

2004 Flute Platinus

Platinus is an emotional and expressive instrument, featuring 6 legato types, sustains, trills, short notes, dozens of arcs, and more.

The player we recorded was deeply invested in every single note on her instrument. When the notes come alive in Soundpaint, that passion is felt on every key, and it feels like the player is sitting right there.


The J8X has a bit of everything. Sweet and supple keys. Warm pads. A beefy low end. Brilliant E-Pianos. A little extra sizzle. A little more hi-fi.

With over 50 parts and 100 programs there’s lots of ultra deep-sampled, buried treasure in the J8X!

1967 Clarinet Paris

The 1967 Clarinet Paris is a mellow, deep-sampled orchestral clarinet featuring our new, true polyphonic H.A.L (Hyper Acoustic Legato) Technology.

Paris is focused on emotional realism and effortless expression as you play.

Thanks to polyphonic legato with H.A.L, it’s like having a clarinet solo and ensemble library in one!

Aleatoric String Orchestra

Pushing the boundaries of what it means to be an orchestra, this aleatoric orchestra rides the line between tonal and non-tonal.

Massive glissandi, aggressive tremolos, cluster chops, disco drops, and chattering textures hardly scratch the surface of all this library has to offer.

At the core of every sound is personality and (e)motion, so it always sounds alive.

Soundpaint pushes these sounds so far that you’ll never hit the limit.


Soundpaint is compatible with all major DAWs, including Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Protools, Cubase and many others.


Developed by multi-award winning music producers and composers.


Soundpaint is made by producers for producers. Designed to save you time.

“... just ... trust soundpaint ”

—Blake Neely
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