Brown Auto-Vari 64

This vintage drum machine has a generally softer lo-fi approach to drums when compared to an 808, but that makes it perfect for a 60s Bossa Nova or a mellow 70s Soul Ballad, and it still packs its own kind of warm analog punch.

Aside from the Auto Vari's distinctive thumpy kick and tight snare, you'll find noise-based hi-hats and cymbals, as well as snare bounces and rolls, and a truly unique analog cowbell sound.


Whether you're a professional film composer or a modern Trap and Hip-Hop producer, G-Brass is set to blast your brass off. G-Brass is inexcusably massive sound library, and contains a huge array of deep-sampled acoustic and synthesized brass ensembles.  

Drop this in your DAW template and you'll savor the beefy low end and crispy highs like never before.

Now available in Standard and UDS editions!

Available Now

$15 (SDS) / $30 (UDS)

2020 Modern PR-String

Since our 2020 Modern PR-String Guitar was captured in such tremendous detail, we are offering it in three separate collections: Clean, Fuzz and Overdrive - or as a complete Bundle with everything included.

From smooth and rich, clean guitar tones to edgy, crunchy fuzz and high octane overdrive, this library drops a plethora of sweet sounds right at your fingertips.

Bundle Up!



CLANGGG is a percussion library full of all the metal impacts you could ever want. Go from full frequency thumps and chunks to high strikes sharp enough to cut through a mix.

With this library we listened to you, the Soundpaint community, and now we're happy to say we've delivered. CLANGGG started as a challenge in our Discord server for us to make a library of just metal hits called "ANVIL" We loved the idea and CLANGGG was born. A few short months later and this collection is ready for the world. Thanks for inspiring us every day!


Filled with Ambiences, Textures, Pads, Vocals, Duduks, and so much more, Dunescape is a modern composer's dream come true. This planet sized library is one of our biggest releases to date, and with 249 Programs and 100 Parts, you'll have a wealth of evocative sounds to ensure your inspiration will flow.

Jam-packed with feeling and life, be it from powerful synths captured in the highest fidelity, barely whispered secrets, plaintive soulful Duduks, or sandy string textures, Dunescape is sure to awaken the imaginative sleeper in all of us.

ZX Spectrum Standard

Did you know that some of the earliest chiptune synths were not 8-bit, but had an even grittier 1-bit sound?

The ZX Spectrum line of personal computers was first released back in 1982 and they supported a 1-bit audio system across their eight different models. And when we say deep-sampled, we mean deep... We even captured the wonderfully robotic Currah 1-bit text-to-speech voice synthesis peripheral, featuring over 1000 spoken words and phrases.

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1985 Passionate Grand C5

Whether you're getting up close and personal with the strings or listening from the standard player's position, capturing the darker tones underneath the piano or the more open and ambient perspective of the room microphones, every nuance of this beautiful instrument is ready and available to you.

This beautiful, warm, and wide sounding mature grand piano feels like a real instrument beneath your fingertips, full of life, personality, natural resonances and harmonics.


All the classic programs of this magical instrument are here and 100% realistic. Lush nostalgic pads, modern cinematic arps, stabby 80s brass, warm basses, and trance leads.

Now available in both UDS and Standard versions. Nuno 60 Standard takes less than a third the disk storage, and is half the price. But if you love Nuno 60 and wanna go all out, you can upgrade to the Ultra Deep Sampled version anytime.

Available Now

$30 (Standard)

Cinematic Drum Kits

Percussion drives drama, and Cinematic Drum Kits provides the pounding rhythms to pack a bigger punch in any scene. Create tension, quickly advance a plot, and keep an audience on the edge of their seats with over 4800 Real-Time Samples arranged into straightforward compositional categories.

Discover a variety of clean modern kicks, epic bass drum hybrids, low and high frequency assortments of percussion instruments, and piercing tick tocks that slice through the mix. From subtle nuance to sonic explosions with every hit, get Cinematic Drum Kits and start shaking the emotional foundations of cinema today.


Beatbox Flute is another fantastic instrument from the tremendously talented and inventive Nicolas Bras.

It's reminiscent of a pan flute, and provides a wide array of textures for shakuhachi-like expressions, emotional melodies and even cracking rhythms.

With 23 Programs and 3 Parts at your disposal, this special collaborative library packs a real sonic punch.


Two Ukuleles are better than one. These gorgeous Martin Ukuleles have strums, 5th chords, power chords, and everything that you need to create a beautiful Ukulele track right out of the box.

Navigate the entire emotional spectrum with this outstanding and original bed of sound.

Downers & Falls

Downers and Falls is the culmination of two years of meticulous sonic design and craftsmanship.

This library is full of downers and falls (of course), intensifying downers, boomers, doppler effects, tonal, atonal, and rhythmic sounds, as well as evocative and emotional sound effects.

With so many samples at your fingertips, you'll find just the right sound for your film scores, video games, trailers, and sound effects.

1965 Maker of melodies

What does Keith Richards, Slash, Joan Jett and thousands of others have in common?

The Melody Maker Guitar.

We deep-sampled this gorgeous 1965 vintage guitar in all possible color configurations through the Maestro G-2 vintage effects unit and drum machine.

This dynamic sonic duo can easily serve all of your guitar, bass, and drum needs. It's a versatile library that cuts through any mix.

Hits and Impacts

For the sound designer, the various parts of this library combine to create thunderous kicks never before heard - or felt!

For film and trailer composers, this sonic palette covers transitions and suspenseful cut scenes with thematic urgency and frames the narrative in such a way that is remarkable, unforgettable, and impactful.

A universe of sounds is right under your fingertips.

Black 55

The Black 55 is based off of one of the first step-write-style drum machines in existence.

Clean, warm, vintage, and lo-fi to punchy, clear, and beefy, the kicks are dynamic, the snares are accentuated, and the hi-hats are as crisp as a new dollar bill.

The Black 55 has got your sonic arsenal covered and smeared in minimalistic goodness.

Oliver Codd 12 String

This beautifully simple and experimental instrument created by Oliver Codd is constructed using two steel 6-string guitars, and was crafted specifically for performance in Soundpaint.

Each note was recorded by re-tuning all of the strings to one gigantic unison note, resulting in an ultra rich, ensemble-like sound. Somewhere between organic string ensembles and emotional pads.


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