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Soundpaint™ is a free music instrument technology that offers you the ability to play completely realistic music instruments.

Soundpaint™ also comes with a free Vintage Steinway Grand Piano, so you can feel the touch of real-time rendered piano.

The Soundpaint™ Engine renders all instruments, dynamically in real-time. Resulting in a truly realistic feel, playability and behavior compared to conventional sample technologies.

Soundpaint™ is also backed by the most extensively deep-sampled instrument catalogue in the world by Academy, TEC, and Emmy Award Winning Producers.

New instruments. Every week. Never on sale.

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Download Soundpaint with our 1928 Steinway. It is free. No obligations

Learn Soundpaint

Video Tutorial Overview

Learn All the fundanentals in Soundpaint. Duration 24 mins.

Video Tutorial Racks

Design your own Soundpaint engine with modular racks. Duration 16 mins.

Video Tutorial Effects

Soundpaint has dozens of analog modeled effects.
Duration 31 mins.

Video Tutorial ARP & Gate

Learn our powerful Arpeggiator and Gate. Duration 16 mins.

Video Tutorial
The Matrix

Enter the Matrix of Soundpaint.
Duration 32 mins.

Video Tutorial Installation

Let's get you setup in Soundpaint.
Duration 16 mins.

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Hybrid Emotions


Terz Guitar


Red 522 UDS


1975 Soul Guitar


Palindrome UDS


Juniper 8 UDS


Beautiful Noises

Orange 808 UDS

Orange 808 UDS


Bras 24-Stringed Zither