What's New In Soundpaint 3.0?

What's New In Soundpaint 3.0?

Now In Color!

Soundpaint 3.0 is a major, free update to the fastest sampling engine available today. The new features help you create music faster, discover new sonic ideas, control instruments better than ever, and build new sound worlds.

New Color Mode.  Let's you change the timbre of any instrument with a single click.

New Sample Editor (USI). Which now supports 127 stacked velocity samples per key and support auto-morphing for faster velocity integration.  The Sample Editor also has updated Auto-Mapping maps features based on files names, metadata, or pitch detection Edit Note Start, Layer, Volume, and Pitch with the new Sample Window Map your samples more Intuitively than before with the new USI 2.0!

New Sound Mode called "Velocity Block".

Velocity Block let's you set how you want velocities to trigger for each independent part. Supports Multi Legato stacking.

• New Tattoos.  Tattoos is a new visual feature, which lets you import images into the Parts section for inspiration.

New Scanning Feature. Find your directories faster with the Full Rescan Shortcut

New 28 Multi Racks giving you 4 total Racks, and 28 Rack slots 

Existing users can update for free directly inside the Soundpaint engine and/or by logging into your account and download from there.