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Bazantar by Mark Deutsch

The Bazantar custom five-string acoustic bass is fitted with an additional twenty-nine sympathetically resonating strings, and four dedicated drone strings. This unique instrument possesses a melodic range of over five octaves, with its sympathetic range spanning four octaves, resulting in a complex harmonic interplay between the diverse string types. Bazantar's unmistakable sonic signature is a gorgeous tapestry of resonances that's rich in both body and texture.

Soundpaint's Bazantar instrument is crafted from thousands of individual samples, including plucked, bowed, tapped and percussive articulations, played with virtuosity by Mark Deutsch, the instrument's creator.  Through his performances we've captured four different types of emotionally expressive arcs for composing moving melodic phrases at any length or tempo.

This Deep-Sampled library features traditional plucked bass notes with 8 round robins, and a highly versatile selection of tapped samples at 10 round robins per note, resulting in the most realistic representation possible. Choose from traditional sustains with and without vibrato, and varied dynamic movements and swells, phrase-sampled from Mark Deutsch's skillful plucking and bowing styles.



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