1990 Modern Grand C7 Prepared

  • Infinite Velocity Prepared Piano
  • 38 Programs / 19 Parts
  • 4.7K Samples / 12.87GB
  • Soundpaint™ Engine (Free)
  • VST, AU and Standalone 
  • Also available in Kontakt
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1990 Modern Grand C7 Prepared

The 1990 Modern Grand C7 Prepared Piano is the most comprehensive collection of deep-sampled Prepared Piano on the market. The library contains over 4.700K samples and we recorded everything from playing directly on piano strings with Guitar Picks, E-Bow, Mallets, Forks, Ping Pong Balls, Paper, Bottle Caps, Coke Cans, Blankets, Wires etc. This library has 19 Parts with enormous possibilities. The end-result is an extraordinary piano experience unlike anything ever done.

The 1990 Modern Grand C7 Piano was recorded with the best studio microphones for pianos, including Neumann u87’s & KM 184’s. Neve SE Ribbons, AKG 414’s and a sweet mixed microphone position made from them all. Quality doesn’t get finer than this. The magic of Soundpaint begins with the samples and the 1990 Modern Grand C7 Prepared Piano is no exception.

In addition the Soundpaint gives you full control over the dynamic response of the library, so you can dial in the perfect sound & dynamic match for your workflow – all simply done with a click of the mouse. You also have complete control over attacks and releases through the Soundpaint engine's ADSR and you can shape the tone through morphing or EQ. In essence you have everything right at your finger tips and most importantly – it just works effortlessly.

What sets the 1990 Prepared Grand Piano apart is not just the great recordings or stunning Programs made by our developers, but it is also the wealth of features – allowing you to dial in precisely the sound you want. Whether it's controlling the dynamic feel of the piano with a single click, the resonance, the pedal volume, ADSR or even the sounds of your fingers touching the keys. No engineering degree required. It all just makes sense.



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“Gorgeous C7 Grand Piano Recorded with 19 Different Prepared Techniques”

—Troels Folmann

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