Caisa Drum

  • Mellow and Beautiful Caisa Drum
  • 15 Programs / 3 Parts
  • 675 Samples / .95GB
  • Soundpaint™ Engine (Free)
  • VST, AU and Standalone 
  • Also available in Kontakt
  • Delivered by Download

Caisa Drum

The Caisa Drum is made by German instrument maker, Bill Brown. The Caisa Drum is a convex steel drum that is designed to be played with hands or short mallets and sonically resembles a Pantam or Steel Drum but with a more rounded tone. The Caisa is played with the hands in manner similar to that of the Hang Drum, but it sounds more like a meditation pan.

The Caisa Drum was meticulously recorded with three different playing styles including mallets, brushes, and fingers. So imagine playing a unique Caisa with brushes, mallets, or fingers but also being able to combine any of those playing styles together or with any of the other Parts from other Soundpaint libraries.

The Caisa Drum is a popular instrument used in Film, TV, and Video Games. You may not recognize the name, but you will recognize the sound of the Caisa Drum. Infinite Velocity Layers from the Soundpaint Engine make you feel like you are really playing a Caisa drum. You will find a wealth of sensitivity and playability with this beautiful instrument.

Our Soundpaint engine gives you complete control over grooves and patterns you can play through the arpeggiator. Explore new sonic possibilities with Morphing. Decide which portion of the sample is played with ADSR. Add Granular Reverb for some interesting textures. The possibilities are endless. 



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