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Beautiful. Eternal. Resonances.

Continuing with our experimental trip though custom-made instruments, we have another gem that will fulfill transcendental desires in music: EverWave. After months of design and almost a year in development, our master Luthier presented us with this beautiful masterpiece.

Weighing in at about 100 pounds, EverWave was a unique instrument that required a lot of passion and preparation. It was built from the ground up and then transferred to our studio where we filled it with microphones from every angle. The result is an amazing library that sounds absolutely unique. EverWave was recorded using all sorts of techniques. Due to its complexity, we decided to sample it until it broke, and so we did!

Each note required an almost 30-minute sessions of tuning, and at a point, the pressure was so great, that the instrument perished! The result, however, is an absolute delight to the ears of the listener. You will feel transcending into other worlds, this is an instrument that can fit perfectly both in an epic composition but also in a soft ambience.



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