• True Electro-Magnetic Recordings from Space
  • 1202 Real-Time Samples™ / 13.56GB
  • 42 Preset Programs / 126 Parts
  • Soundpaint™ Engine (Free)
  • VST, AU and Standalone
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True Sounds of the Universe.

Imagine having all the ambient sounds from space at your fingertips.  Create music with the true electro-magnetic recordings of asteroids, moons, planets, suns and nebulas.  Be inspired by the musicality of cryo vulcans, background radiation, rocket engines and exo-planets. Since the dawn of mankind, humans have looked up to the stars, wondered about the universe and everything it encompasses.

Be inspired by the sounds of Supercluster to write something larger than life. Make music with a lone asteroid while the drone of a nebula flows behind. Write with the beautiful ambience emitted by the core of our galaxy, enhanced by the strange howling voices of our little moon. Counterpoint the roaring flares of red giants and the desolate hum of a white dwarf. Compose with the planets, Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus, hear them sing as you combine their eery atmospheres with the haunting harmonies of solar winds. Let the sounds of the universe guide and influence your music to create something remarkable.

Without air or another medium, sound cannot travel in space. But, Electromagnetic radiation emits waves, which we can then convert to soundwaves. After transposing these waves up to the range of human hearing, we get Supercluster: a galactically cool collection of ambient sounds, straight from outer space to Soundpaint. From the darkest collisions to the most gorgeous nebulae, Supercluster is your direct path into the universe.



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“An entire universe of sounds, literally."

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