Commodore C64 UDS

Commodore C64 UDS

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UDS and Standard editions contains identical programs and parts.

UDS (Ultra Deep-Sampled) features all the natural variations that occur when you retrigger the same key. Designed for professionals.

The 4-Bit Wonder. 1982.

The Commodore 64 was the primary choice for gamers in the early 80s. This nicotine-colored plastic wonder created the foundation of gaming as we know it today and still stands as one of the most impactful devices ever made for games.

The C64 was blessed with the three-channel SID chip (Sound Interface Device), which was partially analog and digital. The SID chip has several analog anomalies, which is why it still hasn't been fully emulated even today, including natural detuning, noise and imperfect clicks. We Ultra Deep-Sampled™ three different SID chips over two generations of chipsets from the SID Station and the MOS Sammich, which contains newer generations (less noisy) variations of the infamous chipset.

The Commodore 64 is a highly unique machine and we had to cover every possible angle of sampling. Including a massive assortment of classic SID Arp sounds with extensive round-robin, Basses, Leads, Oscillators from each Chipset, Pads and Plucked sounds.

In addition to Ultra Deep-Sampling the raw state of the unit - we also did additional recordings using a massive amount of analog gear, including Roland 501 Tape Machine, Strymon and Meris Pedals, GameChanger Audio Distortion, Elektron Devices, Bricasti, NEVE, ToneBeasts and several other devices to heat the signal.


Commodore C64 UDS

Watch the C64 In action

Commodore C64 UDS
Commodore C64 UDS
Commodore C64 UDS
Commodore C64 UDS
Commodore C64 UDS
Commodore C64 UDS
Commodore C64 UDS


Commodore C64


  • Arp Bass Phatty
  • Arp Classic Invaders
  • Arp Fast 1
  • Arp Fast 2
  • Arp Warm Fuzzy Cute


  • Assorted FX
  • Assorted Perc
  • Experimental FX
  • Headhunter


  • Bass Acid
  • Bass Big Chunky
  • Bass Brutal Mazzafacka
  • Bass Chorus Phat Booty
  • Bass Distorted Fatness
  • Bass Fat 1 Bit
  • Bass Grindy Noise
  • Bass Nasty Swooper
  • Bass Pad
  • Bass Power Bass
  • Bass Power Square
  • Bass Rubber Like
  • Bass Stormy Daniels
  • Warm Low Orbit Bass


  • Drumkit 1
  • Drumkit 2


  • Lead Attitude Filter
  • Lead Beautiful
  • Lead Big Epic Phase
  • Lead Big Voyager
  • Lead Chord Int Karate
  • Lead Classic 80s Brass
  • Lead Classic Arcade
  • Lead Classic Heavy Vib
  • Lead Classic Super Vib
  • Lead Crazy Comets
  • Lead Cute Seamstrasse
  • Lead Cutie Pie
  • Lead Dear Hobbit
  • Lead Fizzy Fuzzball
  • Lead Flutter Distortion
  • Lead Galaways Dream
  • Lead Hard Ring Mod
  • Lead Hard Ring Mos Vib
  • Lead High Score Arcade
  • Lead High Score Maestro
  • Lead Hubbards Solo
  • Lead Im Yo Daddy
  • Lead Laser Ray
  • Lead Old Giana Sis
  • Lead Phat Detuned
  • Lead Power Chorded
  • Lead Power Lead
  • Lead Sub Flux
  • Lead Pulse Slight Detune
  • Lead Punk Guitar Plasma
  • Lead Soft Triangle
  • Lead Spooky UFO
  • Lead Super Brassy
  • Lead Super Heavy
  • Lead Super Phaser
  • Lead Super Thin
  • Lead Sync Phase 1
  • Lead Synce Phase 2
  • Lead The Classic
  • Lead The Classic Vib
  • Lead Thin Accordion
  • Lead Thin Highscore
  • Lead Trance Man
  • Lead Vintage Flute
  • Lead Vinyl Feel


  • Oscillator Mix
  • Oscillator Noise 1
  • Oscillator Noise 2
  • Oscillator Pulse 1
  • Oscillator Pulse 2
  • Oscillator Saw 1
  • Oscillator Saw 2
  • Oscillator Tri-Saw
  • Oscillator Triangle


  • Pad Cine Soft
  • Pad Dual Saw
  • Pad Everything Ends
  • Pad Flutter Distortions
  • Pad Megalon
  • Pad Soft Filmic
  • Pad Thin Swell
  • Pad Warm Retr


  • Pluck Arp Bass Gutsy
  • Pluck Arp Bass Oh Toro
  • Pluck Aep Juicy Bottom
  • Pluck Arp Lead 1
  • Pluck Arp Lead 2
  • Pluck Arp Lead 3
  • Pluck Arp Swoosh Perc
  • Pluck Arp Tiny Pixels
  • Pluck Bass Warm Cute Bears
  • Pluck Classic Bite
  • Pluck Electric Dreams
  • Pluck Flucuations
  • Pluck Hello There
  • Pluck High Score
  • Pluck Phatstar
  • Pluck Pulse Tri High
  • Pluck Pulse Tri Mid
  • Pluck Pulse Tri Mid High
  • Pluck Pulse Tri Soft
  • Pluck Pulse Tri Super
  • Pluck Pulse Tri Super Soft
  • Pluck Retro Detune
  • Pluck Soft Sprinkles
  • Pluck Square Echo
  • Pluck Starshower
  • Pluck Strong Delay Pixel
  • Pluck Thin Lining
  • Pluck Tiny Warm Pixel
  • Pluck Vintage Saw
  • Pluck Vintage Triangle
  • Pluck Warm Lofi
  • Pluck Warm Saw Pluck


  • Programs: 118
  • P(arts): 119
  • UDS Edition / 17.8K Real-Time Samples™ / 63.4GB 
  • SDS Edition / 7K Real-Time Samples™ / 25.8GB
  • Sample Resolution: 48 Khz / 24 Bit Stereo, .RTS (Real Time Sample) format


  • Compatible with Windows (Version 10 and above) and Mac (OS X 10.14 and above) on both Intel and Apple ARM (M Chip) architectures. Supported plug-in formats include Stand-alone, VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. Soundpaint engine is optimized for high-efficiency performance across all major Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and hyper optimized for SSD.
  • Minimum System Requirements: Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 16 GB of RAM or more recommended. SSD recommended.

“Three SID Chips Sampled to (im)perfection. Nothing like the real deal."

—Troels Folmann
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Commodore C64 UDS
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