1985 Passionate Grand C5 2.0

1985 Passionate Grand C5 2.0

Versatility. Playability.

Whether you're getting up close and personal with the strings or listening from the standard player's position, capturing the darker tones underneath the piano or the more open and ambient perspective of the room microphones, every nuance of this beautiful instrument is ready and available to you. We used only the finest Neumann microphones (U87, Um57) and a wealth of other high-end studio mics to convey every emotion imaginable.

Elegant playability is equally important, and the 1985 Passionate Grand C5 performs perfectly across all dynamic ranges thanks to Soundpaint's ability to generate infinite velocities. With this beautiful, warm, and wide sounding mature grand piano, you will not feel that these are samples, but rather a real instrument at your fingertips, full of life, personality, natural resonances and harmonics.

The 1985 Passionate Grand C5 contains multiple deep-sampled Parts with Sustains, Una Corda (felt piano), Staccatissimo, Staccato, and Key Noises. Every articulation feels and plays completely realistically, while the Programs cover a wide range of styles, tones, timbres, and effects.


1985 Passionate Grand C5 2.0
1985 Passionate Grand C5 2.0
1985 Passionate Grand C5 2.0
1985 Passionate Grand C5 2.0
1985 Passionate Grand C5 2.0


1985 Passionate Grand C5 Parts

  • Attack Close Mic
  • Attack Player Mic
  • Noises Close Mic
  • Noises Player Mic
  • Release Close Mic
  • Release Player Mic
  • Main Close Mic
  • Main Player Mic
  • Muted Close Mic
  • Muted Player Mic
  • Reso Close Mic
  • Reso Player Mic
  • Stacatissimo Close Mic
  • Stacatissimo Player Mic
  • Staccato Close Mic
  • Staccato Player Mic
  • Una Corda Close Mic
  • Una Corda Player Mic

1985 Passionate Grand C5 Programs


  • Main Cinematic
  • Main Concert Grand
  • Main Dark Cinematic
  • Main Guitar Picked (Hidden Gem: Guitar Triggers)
  • Main Morph
  • Main Muted
  • Main Nils Velo Zoom
  • Main On Off Stage Piano
  • Main Plucked Emotions
  • Main Pop Rock
  • Main Reso
  • Main Sensitive Piano
  • Main Sensitive Souls
  • Main Soft Felt
  • Main Stacc Mute Morph
  • Main Staccatissimo
  • Main Studio
  • Main Time Reversed
  • Main Una Corda
  • Main Velo Zoom Soft
  • Main Warm Mother



  • Arpograph
  • Bach Phaser Delay
  • Calculations
  • Patterns
  • Vibey Pluck

Sound Labs:


  • Programs: 42 (W/ 11 Additional Hidden Gems)
  • P(arts): 18
  • Size: 28.86 GB
  • 17K Real-Time Samples™
  • Sample Resolution: 48 Khz / 24 Bit Stereo, .RTS (Real Time Sample) format


  • Compatible with Windows (Version 10 and above) and Mac (OS X 10.14 and above) on both Intel and Apple ARM (M Chip) architectures. Supported plug-in formats include Stand-alone, VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. Soundpaint engine is optimized for high-efficiency performance across all major Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and hyper optimized for SSD.
  • Minimum System Requirements: Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 16 GB of RAM or more recommended. SSD recommended.

"Passionate piano is right.  This instrument is full of emotion."

—Taiho Yamada
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Discover our hidden gems

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1985 Passionate Grand C5 2.0