What Are Real-Time Samples?

What Are Real-Time Samples?

Soundpaint™ is hard to describe in words.

It is a feeling.  A unique sensation of playability and realism on the keys.  

The reason for this feeling is our new Real-Time Sample Technology, which renders all instruments by morphing velocity layers and by generating new velocities and samples from them. This means you always have 127 dynamic velocity layers on traditional MIDI controllers and over 66.000 velocities on MIDI 2.0 controllers.

Things like velocity bumps don't exist in Soundpaint.  No more having to sit and adjust CCs.  Soundpaint performs exactly like you do, so you can trust that your playing is faithfully reproduced.  This saves significant time in production.


Our Real-Time Sample™ Technology has taken 8 years to develop. We built everything from the ground up, including a new proprietary algorithmic audio format, which offers us full control over the waveform. 

So when you play our 1928 Vintage Grand Steinway Piano, it will feel and sound like the real deal. When you play our 1975 Soul Guitar, you can draw every ounce of expression and realism from the library, because you have complete control of the instrument.  Same for vintage synths.  No two notes are ever the same.

But action speaks louder than words.  Watch Emmy-Award Winning composer, Blake Neely, play with your free 1928 Vintage Steinway Grand Piano. 

Download the 1928 for free and feel the technology yourself.  It is yours, forever.