Symphonic Shadows is Available Now!

Symphonic Shadows is Available Now!

All 3 Volumes of Symphonic Shadows are now available

Woodwinds ($10), Brass ($20), and Strings ($30). The full bundle is just $50.

Symphonic Shadows is a collection of dark orchestral effects, complementing the Aleatoric Orchestra series with simple categories: longs, shorts, risers, downers. It is a great way to add some mystery, tension, mayhem, and more to music, very quickly.

The sections are each full ensembles, so while you don’t get the fine control over instruments like in CAGE/The Aleatoric Orchestra series, there is a bit more unity in the sections, as the chaotic effects mix and intermingle in the hall.

Plus, Symphonic Shadows has some very fun part names, like Goblins, Hell’s Fury, Scatter, and so on. If you need some organic orchestral effects that are super easy to implement, look no further than Symphonic Shadows!