Shadow Brass

Shadow Brass

An Abyss of Brass

Emerging from the depths of the nocturnal realm, Shadow Brass is a captivating orchestra of darkness. Within its vast collection, you will discover thousands of orchestral effects. Unleash the power of the night and add an aura of mystique and dramatic flair to your musical creations.

The Shadow Brass Ensemble includces 4 horns, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, and 2 bass trombones, as well as 3 mic positions: a decca tree and 2 spot perspectives. Brace yourself for the chaotic chatters, dystopic clusters, growling flutters, and scattered falls that intensify the musical pressure.

Discover the versatility of soft and fierce rips, growling swells, and aggressive punctuations that exude piercing power. Explore 16 unique flavors of risers, each offering countless variations. Shadow Brass can add anger, anxiety, amazement, absurdity, and so much more to your music. With the power of Soundpaint, Symphonic Shadows invites you to explore uncharted territories of sonic imagination, expanding the boundaries of what is musically possible.


Shadow Brass

See Symphonic Shadows Brass in Action

Shadow Brass
Shadow Brass
Shadow Brass
Shadow Brass


Longs (Decca, Spot 1, Spot 2):

  • Chaotica 1
  • Chaotica 2
  • Chatter 1
  • Chatter 2
  • Dystopia 1
  • Dystopia 2
  • Growling
  • Pulsing
  • Scattered

Risers (Decca, Spot 1, Spot 2):

  • Dystopic
  • Erratic
  • Evolving
  • Fierce 1
  • Fierce 2
  • Growling 1
  • Growling 2
  • Kinetic
  • Pulse
  • Scatter 1
  • Scatter 2


  • Rise
  • Savage 1
  • Savage 2
  • Shock 1
  • Shock 2

Shorts (Decca, Spot 1, Spot 2):

  • Fierce 1
  • Fierce 2
  • Growling
  • Soft Rips
  • Tickle 1
  • Tickle 2


Shadow Brass

  • Programs: 44
  • P(arts): 83
  • Size: 3.7 GB
  • 1.1K Real-Time Samples™
  • Sample Resolution: 48 Khz / 24 Bit Stereo, .RTS (Real Time Sample) format


  • Compatible with Windows (Version 10 and above) and Mac (OS X 10.14 and above) on both Intel and Apple ARM (M Chip) architectures. Supported plug-in formats include Stand-alone, VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. Soundpaint engine is optimized for high-efficiency performance across all major Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and hyper optimized for SSD.
  • Minimum System Requirements: Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 16 GB of RAM or more recommended. SSD recommended.

"We went Darker and Deeper"

—Marissa Johnson
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Discover our hidden gems

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Shadow Brass