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Available Now - Extreme Ensemble: 10 Electric Guitars

Available Now - Extreme Ensemble: 10 Electric Guitars
July 13, 2023
Blog by Thomas Lack

10 Electric Guitars is Available Now

We’ve had a lot of these unique, mega-ensembles in Soundpaint: Extreme Ensembles 10 Analog Synths was one of our first releases way back in 2021. Since then, we have released 8 really cool ensembles in the “alt. Ensembles” category (Harps, Cimbaloms, Glockenspiels, and more), with the most recent being the 7 Acoustic Guitars Ensemble. All of these ensembles transform the sound of the solo instrument in really inspiring ways, so it’s really fun to come back to the Epic category with 10 Electric Guitars.

I always love the epic sounds, but I think my favorite part of this ensemble is actually the distant, dreamy sound (conveniently right at the top of the programs list). There are so many cool parts in the ensemble, which makes the new “Load as Preset (no parts)” option really convenient. I can quickly load the main program for the sound I want, mix the mics, and then right click one of the distant or emotional programs and load as preset to instantly get an ethereal sound.