1982 Oboe Amore

1982 Oboe Amore

The Orchestra's Emotional Oasis

Introducing the 1982 Oboe Amore: an instrument of infinite beauty and expression. With painstaking attention, we've sampled every facet of this distinctive instrument, crafting a library teeming with evocative articulations. From delicate breathy notes to fervent phrases, the Oboe Amore infuses your compositions with rich emotion, imparting a novel dimension to your music.

We’ve included an extensive range of articulations to give you maximum flexibility in your compositions. From staccato notes to multiple ultra-expressive legato types to trills, tremolos, and runs, Oboe Amore has everything you need. We’ve also included a range of dynamic arcs that add a sense of intimacy and vulnerability to your compositions. The TIME module stretches all of this beyond its limits, allowing you to create the perfect length and speed for any music.

Hyper Acoustic Legato (H.A.L) Technology effortlessly transitions between monophonic and polyphonic play, with two legato varieties - lyrical and strong - adding further depth.Unleash your creativity, play as you please, and let Soundpaint weave magic. The Oboe Amore, an echo of artistic exploration, awaits your touch.


1982 Oboe Amore

See the Oboe Amore

1982 Oboe Amore
1982 Oboe Amore
1982 Oboe Amore




  • Arc 1 p-mf-p Close
  • Arc 1 p-mf-p Decca
  • Arc 1 p-mf-p Wide
  • Arc 2 mp-mf-mp Close
  • Arc 2 mp-mf-mp Decca
  • Arc 2 mp-mf-mp Wide
  • Arc 3 mp-f-mp Close
  • Arc 3 mp-f-mp Decca
  • Arc 3 mp-f-mp Wide
  • Arc 4 f-ff-f Close
  • Arc 4 f-ff-f Decca
  • Arc 4 f-ff-f Wide
  • Arc 5 p-mp-p Close
  • Arc 5 p-mp-p Decca
  • Arc 5 p-mp-p Wide
  • Arc 6 mp-mf-mp Close
  • Arc 6 mp-mf-mp Decca
  • Arc 6 mp-mf-mp Wide


  • Breath FX Close
  • Breath FX Decca
  • Breath FX Wide
  • Click FX Close
  • Click FX Decca
  • Click FX Wide


  • Crescendo Long p-ff Close
  • Crescendo Long p-ff Decca
  • Crescendo Long p-ff Wide
  • Crescendo Short mp-f Close
  • Crescendo Short mp-f Decca
  • Crescendo Short mp-f Wide
  • Legato Combo Close
  • Legato Combo Decca
  • Legato Combo Wide
  • Legato Lyrical Close
  • Legato Lyrical Decca
  • Legato Lyrical Wide
  • Legato Strong Close
  • Legato Strong Decca
  • Legato Strong Wide
  • Maj 2nd Trills Close
  • Maj 2nd Trills Decca
  • Maj 2nd Trills Wide
  • Maj Runs Close
  • Maj Runs Decca
  • Maj Runs Wide
  • Marcato Close
  • Marcato Decca
  • Marcato Wide
  • Min 2nd Trills Close
  • Min 2nd Trills Decca
  • Min 2nd Trills Wide
  • Min Runs Close
  • Min Runs Decca
  • Min Runs Wide
  • Sustain Close
  • Sustain Decca
  • Sustain Wide


  • Staccatissimo Close
  • Staccatissimo Decca
  • Staccatissimo Wide


  • Programs: 30 (W/ 5 Additional Hidden Gems)
  • P(arts): 60
  • Size: 21.17 GB
  • 9.9K Real-Time Samples™
  • Sample Resolution: 48 Khz / 24 Bit Stereo, .RTS (Real Time Sample) format


  • Compatible with Windows (Version 10 and above) and Mac (OS X 10.14 and above) on both Intel and Apple ARM (M Chip) architectures. Supported plug-in formats include Stand-alone, VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. Soundpaint engine is optimized for high-efficiency performance across all major Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and hyper optimized for SSD.
  • Minimum System Requirements: Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 16 GB of RAM or more recommended. SSD recommended.

"There's something about this library that gives it a truly special feel."

—Marissa Johnson
Discover our hidden gems

Discover our hidden gems

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1982 Oboe Amore