2004 Flute Platinus

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The 2004 Flute Platinus is a bright orchestral flute, featuring our new true polyphonic H.A.L. (Hyper Acoustic Legato) Technology. Platinus is an emotional and expressive instrument, featuring 6 legato types, sustains, trills, short notes, dozens of arcs, and more.

The player we recorded was deeply invested in every single note on her instrument. When the notes come alive in Soundpaint, that passion is felt on every key, and it feels like the player is sitting right there.

Platinus includes several vibrato types covering a large range of emotional intensity. If that wasn’t enough, you can further dial in the vibrato using our new Rack > Time Module. With 3 microphone positions (Close, Decca, Wide), you can move from an emotional, intimate sound to a distant, dreamy sound, or morph anywhere in-between.

The underlying technology powering Platinus is our new H.A.L (Hyper Acoustic Legato) Technology. H.A.L offers total instrumental realism with seamless polyphonic legato. Play from a single-note melody into a full ensemble at any time. Play counter-point. Play beyond the range of the instrument. Just play it like a piano and H.A.L takes care of the rest.



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