What to expect- and not expect from Soundpaint Public BETA

What to expect- and not expect from Soundpaint Public BETA

We are so excited to finally announce that Soundpaint is officially in public BETA. 

Our definition of public BETA is that we have fully functional engine (VST, AU and Standalone) that works seamlessly in your DAW.  You will be able to experience real-time rendered samples for the first time.  Play instruments with up to 127 dynamic velocity layers.  Morph anything you want together.  Even morph microphone positions.  All in real-time and all ultra-fast.

We expect to be out of public BETA by May 2022.

But we also want to be realistic and transparent about the things that are coming in the near future for Soundpaint.  Let's take the most common questions first:

Can I import my samples?

Soundpaint already has a very advanced editor, which can program instruments by itself.  This editor is not available to the public yet (in part 'cause its horrifically bad looking ATM).  However User Sample Import is already in development and available sometime in May 2022.

What about legato?

We have been working on legato for Soundpaint for a while and it is coming Q2/22.  The reason it is not available at launch is that we had to build the foundational technologies for it.  Meaning the ability to render samples in real-time at 127 dynamic velocity layers.  We need to have the ability to fluently morph two to four microphone positions and also render them at 127 dynamic velocities.  We had to build true polyphonic technology - allowing us to not play legato with overlapping notes and all that other nonsense.  In other words ... We will be releasing legato when it is as good as our velocity morphing. It just has to work with true polyphony and play just like a piano, Seamlessly. Keyswitches banned.


Yes.  We actually have AAX working, but we just need to get our certificates from Protools.  Q2/22. 

More effects?

We thought you'd never ask.  Soundpaint was designed as a completely modular engine.  And with great modularity comes great effects.  Expect more racks.  Effects. Loop integration.