What is new in Soundpaint 2.0

What is new in Soundpaint 2.0

Soundpaint 2.0 marks the biggest leap we ever made in terms of advancing sample technology and realism.  Including our new H.A.L (Hyper Acoustic Legato) Technology, which offers the ability to play true polyphonic legato with ease.

Soundpaint 2.0 now supports all major formats, including AAX/Protools, AU for Mac, VST 2 and VST 3 for PC and standalone version.

Soundpaint 2.0 also introduces a new Legato Rack.

The Legato Rack offers you all the necessary controls over your H.A.L powered instruments and the Story rack lets you put pictures and notes in your programs.

New features in the Soundpaint Engine 2.0 includes:

- New Hyper Acoustic Legato (H.A.L) Engine

- New Rack > Legato (Controls for Legato Chords, Time, Speed and Volume)

- New Sound Mode > Dynamic Sustains (Generates 127 discrete velocity layers for sustains)

- New Sound Mode > Legato (

- New Sound Mode > Legato (Activates Legato in the Program. Only available for Legato Parts).

- New Keyboard (Displays which keys are currently pressed. Supports QWERTY keyboard)

- Small UI improvements (Ex. New Parts On/Off Button)

- Various bug fixes

- - - - 

New features in the User Sample Import (USI) 2.0 (MAC ONLY) includes:

- Support for any sample rate (including 44.1)

- Adjustable Gain Per Zone

- Adjustable Pitch Per Zone

- Bug Fixes

Note.  User Sample Import (USI) for PC is still 1.0, but will be updated to 2.0 in a few days.