What is new in Soundpaint 1.1

What is new in Soundpaint 1.1

Soundpaint 1.1 comes with a variety of new features, including the ability to import your own samples into Soundpaint, Import and Export Programs with other users and a variety of workflow improvements to the engine.

When you install and/or update to Soundpaint 1.1 you will automatically get the Soundpaint Engine, Soundpaint USI (User Sample Import) Editor and the Soundpaint Downloader. The following video if you wanna see the new User Sample Import Editor in action.  We also encourage you to join our Discord community - where users are already sharing their own samples and programs: 

New features in the Soundpaint Engine 1.1:

- Morphing Slider Improvement (M1 macs specifically)

- Rearranged Settings/Hamburger icon, which now includes ability to open User Sample Import Editor and Import/Export of Programs and ability to share Programs with our Discord community direct from the engine

- Various bug fixes (ex. ADSR Mode, Audio/Midi Settings etc)

- New internal downloader, which lets you receive the latest Program and sample updates to your libraries within the Soundpaint Engine itself.

Soundpaint 1.1 also contains our new User Sample Import (USI) Editor.  The editor follows the same fast and minimalistic layout we have in the Soundpaing Engine, including the following:

- USI supports all major audio formats (example wav, .mp3, .aif, .m4a, .flac, .ogg etc)

- USI files must use 48kHz sample rate (all bit rates are supported)

- USI offers you ability to put one sample per key. It does not support velocity layering or round robin. These features will be available in our Advanced Sample Editor (ASE), which will be an affordable extension for Soundpaint power users. ASE will be available in fall 2022.