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Tighten your Tunes with the Wrenchenspiel

Tighten your Tunes with the Wrenchenspiel

September 14, 2023
Blog by Thomas Lack

The Wrenchenspiel is Available Now! 

Another wonderful custom mallet instrument - the Wrenchenspiel sounds so much cooler than you ever imagined wrenches could! With all the different mallets (and hammers) featured in this instrument, it can sing a sparkly soft lullaby or a powerful, bright ballad. 

We like to mention things that these custom instruments sound similar to. For instance, this one sounds a bit like a celeste or a glockenspiel that’s a bit rough around the edges. I like those for points of reference, but I think it’s also important to let the instruments speak for themselves. The wrenchenspiel has a unique sound and a lot of unique use cases. I hope you’ll share some of your wrenchenspiel work with us over at the Soundpaint discord!

Unlock Hidden Gems for the Wrenchenspiel with the Piano Ensemble and the 1971 Estonica Grand Piano