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Pop 40 Drums: Wknd Vibes is Ready to Roll

Pop 40 Drums: Wknd Vibes is Ready to Roll
July 25, 2023
Blog by Thomas Lack

Pop 40 Drums: Wknd Vibes is Available Now!

Pop 40 number seven is ready to roll! Wknd Vibes is a collection of drums that effortlessly blend together the soulful essence of R&B, the edginess of dark-pop, the punch of trap, and the infectious rhythms of hip-hop.

With all of these production-ready drum kits, it’s getting even easier to find the perfect sound for just about any style. I’ve been using these kits more myself recently, and I think the simplicity of them really cannot be overstated. Find your kit, make your grove, and you’re golden. You don’t need to spend forever mixing every individual component of the sound, and you don’t need a thousand plugins to make the sound just right - it really is ready to go. You just need to give it a beat!