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Hybrid Cinema - Voices Designs is Available Today

Hybrid Cinema - Voices Designs is Available Today
June 13, 2023
Blog by Thomas Lack

Hybrid Cinema Voices Designs is Available Today

Introducing the latest addition to our lineup of hybrid cinematic effects - Voices Designs. This exceptional instrument is meticulously crafted from the mesmerizing sounds of the human voice and body. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary auditory journey as Hybrid Voices reimagines classic effects like risers, booms, impacts, and more, while introducing a captivating array of novel hybrid elements including haunting moans and evocative noise cymbals. By infusing the power of the human voice, these effects take on an indescribable quality, exuding a fresh and distinct character.

Unlike our other collections of Hybrid Cinematic Effects, Voices Designs centers around a singular source rather than a specific category or realm of effects. This unifying factor brings a remarkable cohesion to the library, as the unmistakable human element permeates each and every sound, even if it remains imperceptible to the ear at times.

In the pursuit of pushing boundaries within the hybrid realm, our visionary creator, Troels, found himself searching for uncharted territory after a decade of crafting hybrid tools. It was then that Tawnia suggested harnessing the expressive potential of the human voice, and Troels delved headfirst into the creation of this groundbreaking collection of hybrid cinematic FX. Whether you're a newcomer to the hybrid world or a seasoned veteran, Voices Designs promises to infuse your music with an intangible essence.