How to morph instruments and microphones?

How to morph instruments and microphones?

Soundpaint™ has real-time morphing capabilities.  Offering you the ability to either morph different instruments together or even morph microphone positions.

The Morph option offers you the ability to morph between two parts.  The two arrows under the morph section determine which Part is being dominant, and the morph slider allows you to control the amount of morphing that is occurring. 

The Morph option will allow you to select which Part you want to be more dominant. You will want to select the corresponding arrow to each Part to make it the dominant Part. Whichever Part is the dominant Part in the Morph will make the corresponding Part conform to the characteristics of the dominant Part. For example, a Part that is sound design can start to take on a brassy tone from a dominant Brass Part because Morph causes the characteristics of the dominant Part to affect the influenced Part.

For morphing different mics, you can find the different mic positions in Parts. This allows you to select any mic position and combine it with any other Mic position Part. Using Morph will allow you to control which Mic Position is more present.

You can morph any Parts in Soundpaint. The results will vary. Morph is an interesting feature because it allows you to combine an instrument with other instruments or sound design and achieve really interesting results.

Here is an example of an upright bass morphed together with a group of nuns performing their night prayers.  The bass is literally talking!