Blake Neely X Soundpaint

Emmy-Award Winning Composer, Blake Neely, needs no introduction.  He is one of the most productive composers of our generation with over 1500 major TV-episodes and movies under his belt. 

In this video Blake discusses his experience with Soundpaint, including the first time ever tried, which we were lucky enough to record.  Soundpaint is specifically designed and optimized for the workflow of music producers and composers. 

Blake was the first, external, individual to ever try Soundpaint™ and the following video is Blake's story in regards to how Soundpaint came to be.

Background about Blake Neely:

Blake is one of the most successful TV- and Film Composers in the world.  He is currently managing 12 different TV-Shows and has over 1500 episodes under his belt. Accolades include movies and hit-shows like You, Greyhound, Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, The Mentalist, The Sixties on CNN, Riverdale, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flight Attendant, Blindspot, The Keepers, Batwoman etc.

Blake Neely is also the author of the internationally best-selling book, Piano for Dummies, which has inspired millions to get into music. Blake began to play the piano at the young age of 4.  

Today Blake owns Cow on the Wall Studios, which is one of the premiere scoring houses in Los Angeles with an output of over 10 hours of high-end custom music per week.  Cow on the Wall Studios has a full stage for orchestra and many of the Soundpaint demonstration videos are filmed there too.