Authentic Content

Authentic Content

Soundpaint ™ is for people that desire to make their own music from ground up.  You won't find any single sample shots or prefabbed loop content here.  In fact, you will find the exact opposite.  Ultra Deep-Sampled Instruments, which offers you the most accurate representation of the real instruments. 

All instruments are exclusively recorded and documented, so you always know the source material is properly copyrighted.  Everything is vetted in-house.

There are no software emulations or simulations in Soundpaint Instruments either.  No sample modeling or anything like that.  Soundpaint is about authenticity.  You can trust the instrument's realistic.  Like 100% realistic.

But its not just legal authenticity.  It is also authenticity in the sound itself.  Trust that Soundpaint always offers you the highest fidelity possible for any instrument. We only cook with the highest quality of sonic ingredients, so you can cook the finest music with them.

We also don't want you to sound like somebody else.  Don't use the same bass drum and snare drum everyone else uses.  Don't buy the celebrity cool-aid.  But rather pursue the true and authentic beauty amongst the finest instruments across the world of instruments.  Soundpaint is organic and you can immediately shape it to become your own sonic world.

There is a reason that Soundpaint and 8Dio is featured in over 40% of the worlds largest productions.  It is because of the soul and emotional authenticity in our instruments.