Extreme Ensembles: 10 Basses is Out Now!

Extreme Ensembles: 10 Basses is Out Now!
August 3, 2023
Blog by Thomas Lack

Extreme Ensemble: 10 Electric Basses Is Here

The Extreme Ensemble line is growing stronger! 10 Electric Basses with 10 amps - it’s just awesome. The slaps are especially nice. I say this a lot, but it’s difficult to really describe the sound; it’s something you just have to hear for yourself.

Of course, 10 Analog Synths and 10 Electric Guitars pair very nicely with the basses as well. And, like those ensembles, I also really love taking the sounds and making them more ethereal. Obviously, the bass range is strong with this one, but going higher with the harmonics or the tremolos can create some really cool sounds, too. If you pick 10 Electric Basses up, I hope you have a chance to play with the sounds and see what you can make!