Vintage Mello-D

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UDS and Standard editions contains identical programs and parts.

UDS (Ultra Deep-Sampled) features all the natural variations that occur when you retrigger the same key. Designed for professionals.

  • Magnetic Personality
  • 81 Programs / 61 Parts
  • UDS Edition: 9.6k Real-Time Samples™ / 42.41GB
  • SDS Edition: 6.1K Real-Time Samples™ / 12.33GB
  • Soundpaint™ Engine (Free)
  • VST, AU and Standalone 
  • Delivered by Download

All-In-One Vintage Orchestra

Vintage Mello-D is a re-imagination of the infamous magnetic tape-based "sampler", featuring over 9,600 Real-Time Samples™ and over 60 different deep-sampled Soundpaint Parts. All samples were recorded to real analog tape and mastered to match the EQ spectrum of the original instrument - widely known for its unique vintage sound quality (think Beatles Strawberry Fields). It's dusty, wobbly, and features a 1960s retro nostalgic vibe like no other.

Mello-D offers a new selection of essential instruments that all feel right at home on tape. You'll find a variety of Brass, Strings, Woodwinds, Classic Keyboards, Pianos, Choirs and everything needed for creating authentically vintage music. With the powerful Soundpaint engine, it's easy to make new classic programs, mix and match between Mello-D parts, and even combine tape-based sounds with your own imported samples.

Now available in a Standard Deep Sampled (SDS) version as well as the original Ultra Deep Sampled (UDS) library, Vintage Mello-D is ready to fit your workflow.  SDS provides economy of disk space and cost, while UDS captures every little nuance of the instruments for an incredibly organic and realistic experience.



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