Tick Tock UDS

  • Rock Your Ticks and Tocks
  • 44 Programs / 37 Parts
  • 3.3K Real-Time Samples™ / 1.11 GB
  • Soundpaint™ Engine (Free)
  • VST, AU and Standalone
  • Delivered by Download

Keep Perfect Time

Tick Tock UDS is perfect for Hybrid Cinema scoring or sound design, adding a plethora of clicks, ticks, and tocks to your palette. We spent many months recording a vast assortment of time keeping devices, dusty old typewriters and everything that goes tick and/or tock. Over 3.3K samples later and we have the ultimate library for your ticking tocking clicking clocking needs.

Create percussive pulses with any of the 37 Parts or 44 Programs. Choose from 17 different Egg Timers, 9 Metronomes, 9 Stopwatches, and 2 Typewriters to create your perfect temporal soundscape. Morph a ticking timepiece into a typewriter or tasty synth hit to create fun new rhythmic textures.

The sound of a ticking clock normally comes from the escapement mechanism.  What's an escapement mechanism you say?  I'm glad you asked. It's a sort of curved metal piece that alternately catches and releases the teeth of a wheel - which looks a lot like a gear, but isn't really.  Each time it's released, the escapement wheel moves the hands of the clock forward by a fixed amount before it's captured again.  This mechanical cycle creates each paired tick and tock. Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock...



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“The Deepest Sampled Collection of Ticks and Tocks.”

—Troels Folmann

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