Polywax UDS

UDS and Standard editions contains identical programs and parts.

UDS (Ultra Deep-Sampled) features all the natural variations that occur when you retrigger the same key. Designed for professionals.

  • Ultra Deep-Sampled Monster of Vintage Synths
  • 61 Programs / 65 Parts
  • UDS Edition / 9.1K Real-Time Samples™ / 20.99GB 
  • SDS Edition/ 2K Real-Time Samples™ / 8.37GB 
  • Soundpaint™ Engine (Free)
  • VST, AU, AAX and Standalone 
  • Delivered by Download

Like Melting Wax at Your Fingertips

An absolute monster of a synth, the Polivoks was loaded with tons of awesome features we still value today. Produced in the 1980’s, it featured a switchable filter, external audio routing, loopable envelopes, and even cross-modulation. These synths were popular in their day and are now firmly cemented in the history books of analog subtractive synthesis, seeing a lot of use in film and triple-a video games.

Polywax features a comprehensive array of ultra deep sampled sounds. The 65 parts include everything from arps, basses, leads, filter sweeps, kicks, raw oscillators, and more. The 60+ preset programs offer variety and instant inspiration; alongside the instruments and effects featured in all Soundpaint synths, the filter sweeps in Polywax open a whole new realm of sound - on their own or morphed with other parts. But that only scratches the surface! There are all kinds of unique, unconventional, and exciting possibilities in Polywax!

Sampling this synth was no easy task. The tuning needed to be recalibrated constantly, the keys felt almost like a toy, the audio out uses old din connectors… it has its quirks, to say the least! But with such an awesome and unique sound, working through the quirks was more than worth it! Now, we can load the synth up in Soundpaint, forget about all the quirks, and take the synth to new realms of sonic creation!



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"One of the most sought-after filters in the history of synthesis

—Dan Chimy

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