Palindrome II

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Your Sonic Cinema

Palindrome II picks up where the Palindrome I saga left off. This is an Ultra Deep-Sampled (UDS) analog synth library, designed for professional composers as a sonic homage to all the latest and emerging scoring trends. Contemporary soundtracks are imbued with an increasing array of synthetic colors, and Palindrome II more than meets that demand.

Think Big Cinematic Arps. Badass Blockbuster Basses. Sweetly Distorted Leads. Beautiful Melodic Keys. Perfect. Prolific. Pads.

Palindrome II was exclusively sampled from a $35,000+ stockpile of the most evocative analog hardware synths, including carefully selected instruments from Moog, Sequential, Erica Synths and Waldorf. We've even included the coveted Andromeda poly-synth, and modern classics like the Super 6. If you need wonderfully expressive and emotional synths for your compositions, add Palindrome II to your collection today.

A Palindrome is a word or a phrase that reads the same backwards and forwards.  Inspired by the sonic essence of the blockbuster traditions of a Nolan movie.  Big, expensive, esmerizingly synthetic scores by artists such as Zimmer and Goransson. The Soundpaint Palindrome series is a reflection and continuation of these new synthetic scoring trends. Recorded with the same synths as the blockbusters.

The wide-stereo, driving, action arps are Ultra Deep Sampled so they always sound organically analog and never repetitive.  The same is true for the rich and varied selection of modular percussion we've included.  All the sonic colors of Palindrome II are primed to help you create your most moving and emotionally resonant music.



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