Motion Effects

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Sound In Motion

We have Downers and Falls, Uppers and Risers, Booms and Hits, and finally Motion Effects. Motion Effects uses sounds of movement to create this library. We sampled vintage race cars and electricity with some astonishing results. We also custom designed sounds that accelerate and separate. Hundreds of hours went into fine-tuning these sounds into perfection.

Dive into polished Programs or find your own inspiration in the finely tuned Parts to make this library your own. Motion is a key element in modern scoring. It can be used to add excitement or tension, highlight an important transition, or even to emphasize the visual movement on screen. When the motion is this strong, you can somehow see the sound move past you, creating new and exciting experiences. Soundpaint gives you all the tools to sculpt the sound and motion.



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“Stereo motion is such an important tool”

—Dan Chimy

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