Uppers and Risers

  • Rise and Shine
  • 346 Real-Time Samples™ / 3.4GB
  • 49 Preset Programs / 12 Parts
  • Soundpaint™ Engine (Free)
  • VST, AU and Standalone 
  • Delivered by Download

Rise to the Occasion

As the action and suspense builds onscreen, let Uppers and Risers match that intensity in your music. With these mood transforming sounds, frequencies escalate and rhythms accelerate, increasing tensions to a frenzy and making the final release that much more vivid. Hundreds of hours were spent fine tuning and crafting these programs so you don't have to - perfect sounds right out of the box.

Uppers and Risers is an incredible collection of hybrid cinematic effects, great for modern action, thrillers, horror, or anywhere you need a riser to create a heightened emotional journey, bridging the gap from one big musical event to another. (And don't forget to pair it up with our Downers and Falls library for even greater impact.)

We've included synthetic, orchestral, and percussive risers of varying lengths, and you can use Soundpaint to further adjust the timing with our free Time Stretch module. There are literally thousands of options for designing your own custom risers, with Soundpaint's powerful synthesis and world class effects at your fingertips.

Create some lift with Uppers and Risers, and watch you music take off.



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