Sub Hits

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Get That High-End Low

Sub Hits is a cinematic instrument dedicated to ultra-big and rumbly effects aimed at boosting the low end of your track. Unapologetically epic in nature, these Sub Hits are designed to accentuate dramatic action in your scores and trailers, and can be used as rhythmic compositional tools capitalizing on the powerful array of features found in the Soundpaint Arpeggiator. Make no mistake... this library will wake your neighbors.

Individual samples have been divided into three main categories: Orchestral Hits, Drum Hits, and Synth Hits. Each of these categories is intended to help evoke a different feeling or emotion. Whether you're putting the finishing touches on a film score, or adding club-rattling rumble to a future IDM classic, get ready for a satisfying deep dive into the world of bass.

Sub Hits has the ability to push air all the way down to the edge of perceptible human hearing (about 20 Hz). At these frequencies, you will feel the bass more than hear it. These deep bass drops can even cause real physical and psychological reactions, which is why they are so effective in movie trailers, soundtracks and on the dance floor.



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"This will wake your neighbors"

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