The P-Bass

The P-Bass

The. Timeless. Bass

The Classic Precision Bass (aka P-Bass) is one of the most iconic bass sounds of all time, heard on generations of recordings from artists like Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd and Paul Simon. More recently, Sting, Elvis Costello, Guns N' Roses, Foo Fighters, and many others have kept the sound of the instrument fresh and alive... and evolving into the new century.

We meticulously deep-sampled the P-Bass, capturing fingered, picked, plucked, and slapped articulations. Moreover, each of these nuanced variations features dynamic and emotive sustaining samples, as well as muted staccatissimo notes for your classic 8th note bass lines.

The P-Bass is known for its solid body and split-coil humbucking pickup, creating a powerful and punchy sound with a natural grit. It can dial in a warm and fuzzy tone from the 60s, but also showcase a much more aggressive and in-your-face timbre when picked and slapped.


The P-Bass

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  • Finger Drop
  • Finger Mute Stac
  • Finger Sus
  • Harmonics
  • Pick Mute Stac
  • Pick Sus
  • Pluck Mute Stac
  • Pluck Sus
  • Slap Mute Stac
  • Slap Stac



  • Programs: 25
  • P(arts): 10
  • Size: 1.4 GB
  • 3K Real-Time Samples™
  • Sample Resolution: 48 Khz / 24 Bit Stereo, .RTS (Real Time Sample) format


  • Compatible with Windows (Version 10 and above) and Mac (OS X 10.14 and above) on both Intel and Apple ARM (M Chip) architectures. Supported plug-in formats include Stand-alone, VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. Soundpaint engine is optimized for high-efficiency performance across all major Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and hyper optimized for SSD.
  • Minimum System Requirements: Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 16 GB of RAM or more recommended. SSD recommended.

“Timeless P-Bass. Seven Decades Old.  Still Going Strong"

—Troels Folmann
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Discover our hidden gems

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The P-Bass