Epic Dhol Ensemble

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Sonic Splitting Drums

The Epic Dhol Ensemble is the most comprehensive and deep-sampled collection of large-scale Epic Dhols on the market. The library consists of a large ensemble of Punjab Dhol drums and was recorded in the same orchestral hall as our Epic Taiko Ensemble. 

It contains a great variety of articulations, since each side of drum produces a different sound. Essentially, it is divided into a bass section and a snare section. We played the bass section with the traditional big wooden Dhol sticks, mallets, hands, and fingers to ensure we covered the entire range.

The Punjab Dhol is a double-sided barrel drum, large and bulky, producing a loud bass tone. Animal hide or synthetic skin is stretched over the open ends of the wooden barrel, covering them completely. These skins can be stretched or loosened with a tightening mechanism made up of either interwoven ropes, or nuts and bolts, which subtly alters the pitch of the drum. The stretched skin on one of the ends is thicker and produces a deep, low (high bass) sound and the other one is thinner, producing a higher sound. In contemporary Punjabi music, dhols with synthetic, or plastic treble skins are very common.

The Soundpaint version of this library is a one-to-one conversion from the epic original 8Dio library, now remastered with an arsenal of presets that make the most of this amazing library.



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