Cymbal Effects

  • Splash of Color
  • 41 Programs / 8 Parts
  • 448 Real-Time Samples™ / 3.52GB
  • Soundpaint™ Engine (Free)
  • VST, AU and Standalone 
  • Delivered by Download

Splashes of Color

The Cymbal Effects library was crafted using Troels' hand-picked, personal collection of cymbals. These instruments range in size from 6" to 21", providing anything from small splashes to huge washes of color. Between rolls, sticks, brushes, mallets, and effects, this is one of the most deeply sampled cymbal libraries around, and it can be used traditionally, in the creation of rhythmic patterns, or even as the building blocks for further sound design explorations.

With 41 Programs and 8 deep-sampled parts, there's massive potential contained in this little library. Each Part encompasses a complete mapping of Cymbal Effects that can be used simultaneously, or isolated and stretched across the entire keyboard using Soundpaint's One Note Stretch feature. Furthermore, the Soundpaint engine's Arp or Gate can be used to create unique musical rhythms for your sessions.

Finally, every Soundpaint Part across all your libraries can be morphed together in numerous combinations. With Soundpaint's real-time sample morphing capability, the possibilities for sonic experimentation are limitless.



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“Cymbal Effects.  Designed for musical transitions.”

—Troels Folmann

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