Bras Water Pipes

  • Water Pipes by Nicolas Bras
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Wet And Wild

Water Pipes is yet another weird and wonderful instrument from the tremendously talented and inventive mind of Nicolas Bras. More practical as a virtual instrument, the individual notes were created by striking one end of a length of pipe while the other end is submerged in water. Changing the depth of submersion changes the pitch of the note, while also allowing for other articulations like bends and slides.

Using a reference tone for tuning, Bras played several sizes of pipes and produced hundreds of note variations, giving the instrument real dynamic character and life across its 32 note chromatic range from C2 to G4.  We took Water Pipes even further in the powerful Soundpaint engine, creating 90s club organs, hollow basses and even mellow flute chiffs, among many other exciting possibilities.

Nicolas Bras is a musical instrument creator, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Paris, France. He began making his own instruments from scrap materials over 15 years ago, and has now developed 1000+ prototypes of winds, strings and percussion that he shares on his popular YouTube channel. When not inventing in his workshop, you might find Bras enjoying a live concert or traveling for collaborations with other instrument makers, composers and musicians. We are thrilled to partner with Nicolas Bras to share his incredible inventions with our Soundpaint community.



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"As a virtual instrument, it is perfect."

—Nicolas Bras

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