Bras Rulers

  • One Part, To Rule Them All!
  • 17 Programs / 1 Part
  • 300 Real-Time Samples™ / 225MB
  • Soundpaint™ Engine (Free)
  • VST, AU and Standalone 
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This. Library. Rules.

Bras Rulers is another weird and wonderful custom creation by instrument maker extraordinaire, Nicolas Bras. This library is made from... well, rulers! And Bras determined the optimal damper placement and vibrational length for every last millimeter of tone. Rulers can evoke deep and bass-like timbres, but at other times, the instrument performs more like a hybrid acoustic-organic synth. By any measure, it sounds great, particularly when paired with the Soundpaint Arpeggiator for generating oddly tonal and evolving percussive rhythms.

One Part, To Rule Them All... plus 17 Programs in this fun little library, providing a surprising variety of timbres. We believe that Rulers is one of those intriguingly different instruments, with a peculiar yet lovely character, that somehow ends up fitting into multiple musical genres. And with the powerful Soundpaint Engine, there is certainly plenty more to explore and create with this unique offering.

Nicolas Bras is a musical instrument creator, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Paris, France. He began making his own instruments from scrap materials over 15 years ago, and has now developed 1000+ prototypes of winds, strings and percussion that he shares on his popular YouTube channel. When not inventing in his workshop, you might find Bras enjoying a live concert or traveling for collaborations with other instrument makers, composers and musicians. We are thrilled to partner with Nicolas Bras to share his incredible inventions with our Soundpaint community.



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"Haven't You Always Wanted To Become a Rulers Virtuoso?"

—Nicolas Bras

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