Bras Nail Violin

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  • 14 Programs / 1 Part
  • 257 Real-Time Samples™ / 369MB
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  • VST, AU and Standalone 
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Nails the Emotion.

The Nail Violin is yet another extraordinary instrument from the tremendously talented and inventive mind of Nicolas Bras. Its unique sound has a breathy and ethereal quality, seemingly half flute and half violin. Imagine a bed of tuned nails, played expressively by a bow... This instrument also features sympathetic resonating strings, and sympathetic nails too, creating extra sustain and richness in tone.

The Nail Violin was inspired by the ancient iron violin, a forgotten instrument from the 17th century. It requires skill and practice to play, so it's the perfect candidate for making a truly rare and unusual "string" sound accessible to musicians everywhere via Soundpaint.

With this library we've taken the liberty of extending the playable range of the instrument to span the entire keyboard.  The Nail Violin has a naturally flute-like character to its sound, but the extended lower range gives it a wonderful pipe organ-like quality as well.  With 1 Part and 14 Programs, this little library is full of surprises, and we encourage you to further program and experiment with it in the adventurous and innovative spirit of its creator, Nicolas Bras.



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"Nails with emotion!? Who would've known!"

—Troels Folmann

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