Bras Aquatic Harp

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Strings of the Sea

Yet another instrument from the mind of Instrument Maker Nicolas Bras, the enchanting Aquatic Harp is an instrument that could only thrive as a virtual instrument and not exist as a complete physical version. A complete physical version was very complex and complicated to put together for playing and recording so Bras decided to record each of the pieces individually for the Aquatic Harp to exist in the virtual realm. Bras used a one string version of this instrument in his recording session, changing the string to get a full range.

o play this instrument you have to put some water into the big can, pluck the string and move the water to get an aquatic wah-wah sound. Bras made a 5 strings version with a softer sound, but for this virtual version he wanted to record the metal string version with all the possible range of guitar strings. 

The resulting sound from dozens of hours of work is a watery string instrument rich with beautiful harmonics and motion. The Programs in this library bring out the best parts of this Aquatic Harp sound in the virtual realm and Soundpaint brings the magic of this instrument to the keys.

With this library we've taken the liberty of extending the playable range of the instrument to span the entire keyboard.  The Nail Violin has a naturally flute-like character to its sound, but the extended lower range gives it a wonderful pipe organ-like quality as well.  With 1 Part and 14 Programs, this little library is full of surprises, and we encourage you to further program and experiment with it in the adventurous and innovative spirit of its creator, Nicolas Bras.



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