ZX Spectrum UDS

UDS and Standard editions contains identical programs and parts.

UDS (Ultra Deep-Sampled) features all the natural variations that occur when you retrigger the same key. Designed for professionals.

  • True 1-Bit Chiptune Synth. 1982
  • 106 Programs / 122 Parts
  • UDS Edition / 14.2K Real-Time Samples™ / 11.39GB
    SDS Edition / 3.9K Real-Time Samples™ / 2.6GB
  • Soundpaint™ Engine (Free)
  • VST, AU and Standalone
  • Delivered by Download

Full Spectrum Chiptune

Did you know that some of the earliest chiptune synths were not 8-bit, but had an even grittier 1-bit sound?

The ZX Spectrum line of personal computers was first released back in 1982 and they supported a 1-bit audio system across their eight different models.  We were fortunate enough to sample this entire series of computers in collaboration with UK-based expert, Andy Jenkinson.  Andy has the largest "living" collection of Spectrum computers around, and is the leading authority on deep-sampling these classic chiptune instruments.

And when we say deep-sampled, we mean deep... We even captured the wonderfully robotic Currah 1-bit text-to-speech voice synthesis peripheral, featuring over 1000 spoken words and phrases. Andy and Troels worked for over 18 months to sample this very special and comprehensive collection in the deepest, most realistic, and highest fidelity possible. The end result is an encyclopedic Ultra Deep-Sampled™ chiptune compendium that doesn't emulate, but instead offers you the actual sonic output, direct from the ultra-rare vintage units themselves.

Using our Ultra Deep-Sample™ recording technique, we captured every possible color of the ZX Spectrum, including over 4000 drum and percussive Real-Time Samples™, allowing for immediate morphing and phase accurate transformations in our powerful Soundpaint engine.  The synth section contains a massive assortment of Arps, Arp Phrases, Basses, FX, Leads, Pads, Plucks, and raw Oscillators, amounting to over 14000 Real-Time Samples™. It's everything you need to transport your audience right back to the earliest days of digital synthesis. Also available in Standard Edition.



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"Ultra Deep-Sampled™ 1-Bit Synth.  Emulations are BS".

—Troels Folmann

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