Terz Guitar

  • Little Guitar. Big Emotion.
  • 26 Programs / 8 Parts
  • 4.3K Real-Time Samples™ / 16.29GB
  • Soundpaint™ Engine (Free)
  • VST, AU and Standalone 
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Little Guitar.  Big Emotion

The Terz Guitar 5-28 is an acoustic treasure. It has risen to fame over the last couple of decades.  It is, amongst others, one of Sting's preferred guitars used on songs like "Sacred Love" and "Dead Man's Rope". 

The Terz Guitar is slightly smaller than a traditional acoustic guitar, which gives it a tighter, almost harpsichord-like quality, but with an unparalleled amount of emotion.  The sound is incredibly clear and precise, but with a unique bright tone that sits so perfectly in a mix.  The Terz Guitars are hard to come by in reality, but Soundpaint offers you a completely fluent experience with over 127 velocity layers of dynamics.

With 26 Programs and 8 Parts a new world of sounds are open in Soundpaint. Chords, Power Chords, Mutes, Sustains, and more allow for some really fun music making. The beautiful timbre of the Martin Terz guitar adds a sweetness, precision, and life.

Each chord group expands an octave starting at C and ending on the B above. The root of the chord coincides with the note assignment. For example, C3 is C major and B3 is B major… C4 begins new chord group. Logic: Major third harmony on the left and minor harmony on the right. Chord progression mapping is loosely based on basic contrapuntal movement - so minimal half step movement between each chord of the same root/tonic when possible. 

Augmented C-2
6th C-1
9th C0
Dominant 7th C1
Major7 C2
Major C3
Minor C4
Minor7 C5
Minor9 C6
Diminished7 C7
Diminished7 8va C8



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“Little Guitar. Big Emotion”

—Troels Folmann

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