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1968 B3 Organ

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  • 63 Parts / 31 Programs
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The Future of Nostalgia

Soundpaint 1968 B3 Organ is a faithfully deep-sampled Hammond® organ.

The instrument contains over 60 different drawbar configurations. Extensively deep-sampled as both DI, Vibrato, Chorus, Slow and Fast Leslie speaker and many others. Soundpaint offers the ability to true-morph a 
non-vibrato into Leslie for 100% realistic rendition of the original instrument.  No more emulations.

The 1968 Hammond® B3 Organ is no exception is a faithful reimagination of our very own B3 Hybrid Hammond® Organ. Full of soul, the Hammond B3 Organ is associated with gospel music.

Having toured with some of the industry's finest musicians and featured on a magnitude of headline festival stages, this work of art deserved to be archived and available for all to play. This Hybrid Hammond® Organs tone and color are indicative to the era. With a timbre so raw and pure it is simply unmatchable.

While many other attempts at capturing factory standard Hammonds®  in the past featured heavily on the Direct signal (D.I). We instead purposely chose to record the Organ in it’s natural state. Using vintage and immaculately maintained Leslie cabinets. In fact we used two independent Leslie’s, (and blew up a third). One to capture the genre defining rotations at all speeds, and another with a modified motor to record the pure unhindered tone of the Leslie itself.

With over 60 Parts and 31 Programs explore the 1968 Hammond B3 Organ to new depths through the Soundpaint Engine. Morph the Hammond and the Rhodes, or the Hammond and the Vintage Mello-D for some truly unique sounds.



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