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UDS and Standard editions contains identical programs and parts.

UDS (Ultra Deep-Sampled) features all the natural variations that occur when you retrigger the same key. Designed for professionals.

  • Big. Bad. Bold. Brass.
  • 51 Programs / 60 Parts
  • 11.279 Real-Time Samples™ / 22.3GB
  • Soundpaint™ Engine (Free)
  • Format(s): VST, AU and Standalone 
  • Delivered by Download

Big. Bold. Badass Brass.

Whether you're a professional film composer or a modern Trap and Hip-Hop producer, G-Brass is set to blast your brass off. G-Brass is an inexcusably massive sound library, and contains a huge array of deep-sampled acoustic and synthesized brass ensembles.  Drop this in your DAW template and you'll savor the beefy low end and crispy highs like never before.

We've presided over some of the most insane orchestral sessions in history, including capturing 66 piece Trombone Ensembles, 66 piece Tuba Ensembles, massive Brass combination ensembles, and even unique Cimbasso Ensembles. G-Brass is a colossus of an instrument assembled from all of these landmark recordings and more.

G-Brass also contains a deep selection of Brass inspired programs from vintage and modern analog synths, which we specifically designed and deep-sampled to augment the acoustic instruments.  Full of tasty Jupiter 8, Udo Super 6, Andromeda, Moog One and OB6 samples, you can choose whichever hybrid combination of organic and synthetic fits your mix.

G-Brass Standard Edition is the same library you know and love. The same number of Parts and Programs, but less than one fourth the size of the UDS version.



G-Brass In Action

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"Big. Bold. Badass Brass for Trap and Cinema."

—Troels Folmann

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