Forgotten Voices: Terrie

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  • 65 Programs / 117 Parts
  • 4.9K Real-Time Samples™ / 4.14GB
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  • VST, AU and Standalone 
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Full of Soul. Full of Life.

Forgotten Voices: Terrie showcases Terrie Odabi, a classically trained singer who studied under Gwen Brown, Bill Bell and the late John Patton. While traveling, Terrie started to gain interest in other cultures and languages like Latin, Spanish, and a variety of African and even Middle Eastern dialects. Her incredible depth and understanding of music cultures were the premise of this library, which covers several African dialects as well as Gospel, Soul, RnB and further experimental types of singing.

The library contains thousands of unique phrases and sounds derived from over 20 hours of session material. The phrases are divided into style categories that allow for easy access to any phrase. This library combined with the power and flexibility of the Soundpaint engine allows you to not only select which phrase you want to use, but also which parts. Love the second half of a phrase? Want to sustain a certain part of a phrase? Use our brand new Time Rack module to offset the start of a phrase and adjust the time to speed up or slow down to a complete freeze if you want. Soundpaint allow you to shape these prerecorded phrases in ways you've always wanted to.



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Forgotten Voices: Terrie