Soundpaint All Bundle

  • All Current Soundpaint™ Instruments
  • 169.450 Real-Time Samples™ / 684.94GB
  • Includes all UDS (Ultra Deep-Sampled ™ Editions) 
  • Soundpaint™ Engine (Free)
  • VST, AU and Standalone 


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Soundpaint is a Sonic Multiverse of Instruments. 

The Sountpaint All Bundle offers you full command of all available Soundpaint Instruments at the time of your purchase.

The Soundpaint All Bundle offers you full command of the current Soundpaint Instrument collection.  Anything from pro-graded cinema instruments to historical- and Ultra Deep-Sampled Vintage Synths.  Or perhaps the most accurate drum machines ever sampled or Soulful Guitars.  Maybe you just wanna morph it all together?

The Soundpaint All Bundle offers you the deepest- and most diverse access to all our current instruments.  Feel the kinetic magic as Soundpaint offers you 127 dynamic layers for all velocity-based instruments. The All Bundle also includes the highest-fidelity versions (Ultra Deep-Sampled UDS) of the libraries. 

It is impossible to describe Soundpaint in words.  It just has to be felt.

The All Bundle contains the following (in alphabetical order):

  • Ambiences - Cinematic Ambiences  (Big. Lush. Ambiences.  Cinematic Ambiences offers over 900 hand-crafted emotional ambiences)
  • Brass - G-Brass  (Big. Bold. Bad-Ass Brass.  Deliberately designed for Trap/Hip-Hop and Modern Soundtracks)
  • Chiptunes - C64 (Ultra Deep-Sampled Commodore 64.  Two generations of SID Chips.  Heated through analog hardware)
  • Custom - Free Angels (Hybrid. Angelic. Musical Sound Design made in collaboration with over 100 Sound Designers)
  • Drums - Kick Vermon (Phat. Juicy. Bass. Not just a Kick Drum. Over 2.7K samples)
  • Drums - Orange 808  (The most comprehensive 808 ever Ultra Deep-Sampled™.  The clap alone was sampled over 1000 times)
  • Effects - Beautiful Noises  (Soundscapes from 25 different countries across the world.  From nature to manmade world)
  • Epic Ensemble - 10 Analog Synths (An enormous collection of 10 different synthesizers – recorded together. Warm. Wide. Epic)
  • Guitar - 24 String Zither (A custom made Zither made by instrument maker Nicolas Bras. Warm and resonant)
  • Guitar - 1975 Soulful Guitar  (Feel power of 127 dynamic velocity layers on this infamous 1975 Gibson w/ Super Humbuckers)
  • Guitar - Bras Kora Drum (A custom made Harp-Lute made by instrument maker Nicolas Bras with deep lows and glittery highs)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Braahm Horn Generator (Big. Bold. Bossy. Brass. Full, massive, epic Brass. 60 Programs and 52 Parts)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Hybrid Emotions  (32 different Human Emotions in the form of Sound Design.  You can even morph emotions together)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Slams (Massive. Epic. Slams. 3 categories of Slams. Drums, Percussion, and Synth Slams. The ultimate rhythmic tool)
  • Keyboards - 1976 Rhodes  (A pristinely well-kept vintage 88-Key Vintage Rhodes MK with three microphone positions)
  • Keyboards - Vintage Mello-D (All-in-one Orchestra. Vintage Mellotron. Historic sounds at your fingertips)
  • Percussion Tonal - Bras Pop Instrument (Made by instrument maker, Nicolas Bras. Acoustic. Popping. Pipes)
  • Percussion Tonal - Caisa Drum (A beautiful and mellow hang drum with colorful character)
  • Piano - 1901 Vintage Upright (Vintage Beauty. Deeply sampled. Perfectly balanced standard and prepared articulations)
  • Piano - Free 1928 Steinway Grand (The finest Steinway Vintage Grands.  Emotion in every key.  Strings originally from 1928)
  • Piano - 1990 Modern Grand C7 Prepared (Exquisitely recorded. Knocks. Hits. Taps. And more. Endless possibilities)
  • Synth - DX7X (Iconic. Exquisitely recorded. Ultra Deep-Sampled. Completely Realistic)
  • Synths - Juniper 8 (The most comprehensive Jupiter 8 ever Ultra Deep-Sampled™.  It is not an emulation.  It is like sitting right in front of it)
  • Synths - Nuno 60 (The first Ultra Deep-Sampled™ Juno 60 representation of its kind.  All classic programs of this magical unit is there and 100% realistic)
  • Synths - Palindrome (New-school synth instrument designed for big cinematic compositions.  Analog perfection. Ultra Deep-Sampled™)
  • Voice - Forgotten Voices Barbary (A Voice. Unlike Anything. You've Ever Heard)

Note: The Soundpaint All Bundle features all the UDS (Ultra Deep-Sampled™ titles of the libraries - meaning you get the professional graded versions of the instruments. 

Soundpaint All Bundle also contains the maximum abundance of Hidden Gems. Hidden Gems are unique programs that utilizes more than one Instrument at a time.  Specifically designed by some of the worlds leading sound designers.

Soundpaint All Bundle contains all titles, including UDS libraries at the time of purchase.  The All Bundle does not cover any future Soundpaint instruments.


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