Soundpaint All Bundle

Soundpaint All Bundle

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Soundpaint is a Sonic Multiverse of Instruments. 

The Sountpaint All Bundle offers you full command of all available Soundpaint Instruments at the time of your purchase.

The Soundpaint All Bundle offers you full command of the current Soundpaint Instrument collection.  Anything from pro-graded cinema instruments to historical- and Ultra Deep-Sampled Vintage Synths.  Or perhaps the most accurate drum machines ever sampled or Soulful Guitars.  Maybe you just wanna morph it all together?

The Soundpaint All Bundle offers you the deepest- and most diverse access to all our current instruments.  Feel the kinetic magic as Soundpaint offers you 127 dynamic layers for all velocity-based instruments. The All Bundle also includes the highest-fidelity versions (Ultra Deep-Sampled UDS) of the libraries. 

It is impossible to describe Soundpaint in words.  It just has to be felt.

The All Bundle contains the following (in alphabetical order):

  • Accent - Guitar Triggers (Guitar Attack and Release Triggers)
  • Accent - Percussive Triggers (Percussive Attack and Release Triggers)
  • Alt Ensemble - Cimbalom Ensemble (5 Cimbaloms. One hall. Countless colors)
  • Alt Ensemble - Glockenspiel Ensemle (5 Glockenspiels. One hall. Magical, lush, soul-filled, and truly unique)
  • Alt Ensemble - Guitar Ensemble (5 Guitars. One hall. Powerful yet delicate. Warm, full, textures)
  • Alt Ensemble - Harp Ensemble (4 Harps. Harmonious, heavenly harps. Lush and warm)
  • Alt Ensemble - Marimba Ensemble (5 Marimbas. One hall. Mellow, warm, Full, magical Marimbas)
  • Alt Ensemble - Piano Ensemble (4 Pianos. Warm. Lush. Soulful Pianos ensemble right at the fingertips) 
  • Alt Ensemble - Tubular Bells Ensemble (4 Tubular Bells. One Hall. Beautiful Sonic Brilliance)
  • Alt Ensemble - Windchimes Ensemble (6 Windchimes. One Hall. A beautiful, bright, and shimmery ensemble)
  • Alt Ensemble - Xylophone Ensemble (5 Xylophones. One Hall. Vibrant Xylophone bliss.)
  • Ambience - Adastra Ambiences (Ambiences created by the legendary Steve Tavaglione using the original Adastra demos)
  • Ambience - Cinematic Ambiences  (Big. Lush. Ambiences.  Cinematic Ambiences offers over 900 hand-crafted emotional ambiences)
  • Ambience - Guitar Ambiences (A FREE library made up of hundred of Guitar Ambiences as well as Guitar and Bass plucks and phrases)
  • Ambience - Supercluster (True sounds of the Universe. True Electro-Magnetic Recordings from Space)
  • Bass - Basstard (An Upright Bass sampled to complete destruction. The death of a Bass)
  • Bass - Bazantar (Beautiful Bazantar by Mark Deutsch. Gorgeous Tapestry of resonances)
  • Bass - The P Bass (The Timeless Bass. Iconic instrument. Deeply sampled)
  • Brass - 1984 Trumpet Fire (Trumpet en Fuego. Lively and Bright Trumpet perfect for Latin and Pop music)
  • Brass - 1989 Trombone Fire (Feel the Heat. A lively, bubbly, flexible Trombone great for Latin and Pop or orchestral)
  • Brass - 1992 Saxophone Fire (Blaze a new trail with this tangy Tenor Saxophone. Perfect for Pop, Latin, and Big Band)
  • Brass - Aleatoric Brass Orchestra (Chaos. Power. Expression. Aggression. Aleatoric Brass)
  • Brass - Century Solo Flugelhorn (Classic Orchestral Solo warm and mellow Flugelhorn)
  • Brass - Century Solo Trumpet (Bright and Brassy classic Orchestral Solo Trumpet)
  • Brass - G-Brass  (Big. Bold. Bad-Ass Brass.  Deliberately designed for Trap/Hip-Hop and Modern Soundtracks)
  • Brass - Symphonic Shadows Brass (Aleatoric Sound Design and Ambience. The dark side of the orchestra)
  • Chiptunes - C64 (Ultra Deep-Sampled Commodore 64.  Two generations of SID Chips.  Heated through analog hardware)
  • Chiptunes - GameBoi (Truly Ultra Deep-Sampled with over 70K samples. From the 8-bit gaming sensation, with all the sounds we remember from childhood)
  • Chiptunes - ZX Spectrum (Ultra Deep-Sampled 1-bit soundchip. Sampled from Andy Jenkins largest collection of "living" Spectrum personal computers)
  • Custom - Everwave (Beautiful. Eternal. Resonances. A Custom String instrument sampled to the point of destruction)
  • Custom - Free Angels (Hybrid. Angelic. Musical Sound Design made in collaboration with over 100 Sound Designers)
  • Custom - Free ASMR (Created by you. For You. Expand the Musical Horizon with Crispy ASMR)
  • Custom - Free Home (Created by you. For you. Musical instruments and sounds design from all of our homes, to yours)
  • Custom - Free Radicals (Hybrid. Radical. Free Sound Design made in collaboration with over 100 Sound Designers)
  • Drums - Black 55 (Used by The Cure, Depeche Mode, and New Order... Big Sound. Small Package)
  • Drums - Brown Auto-Vari 64 (Warm and mellow 70s vintage analog drum machine to go with your lava lamp)
  • Drums - Kick Base 11 (Big, bold kicks and bass full of cinematic sub-action, grit, saturation and analog heat)
  • Drums - Kick Vermon (Phat. Juicy. Bass. Not just a Kick Drum. Over 2.7K samples)
  • Drums - Orange 78 UDS (Landmark Vintage Analog Drum Machine. Iconic sounds preserved in Ultra Deep-Sampled™)
  • Drums - Orange 808  (The most comprehensive 808 ever Ultra Deep-Sampled™.  The clap alone was sampled over 1000 times)
  • Drums - Orange 909 (Vintage. Iconic. Timeless. A must-have for dance music producers around the world)
  • Drums - Pop 40: Aria Gand (A Pristine, Pony-tailed parade of Pop Production Kits)
  • Drums - Pop 40: Boogie Mars (Big-Voiced, Booming, Bad-Ass Boogie. Uptown Funky Drums.)
  • Drums - Pop 40: Draft Funk (Inspired by a Danceable Disco-Like Dynamic Duo. Drum up the Funk)
  • Drums - Pop 40: Justin (Juvenile, Justified, Kind of Justin. Baby, Baby, Backbeats)
  • Drums - Pop 40: Post (Better Now Beats. Genre-defying Grooves)
  • Drums - Pop 40: Skillstep (Fat. Destructive. Beats. Bangarang Beats)
  • Drums - Pop 40: Wknd Vibes (R&B, dark-pop, and trap vibes. Infectious Rhythms)
  • Drums - Red 522 (Red. Hot Beats. May be the heir to the 808)
  • Effects - Beautiful Noises  (Soundscapes from 25 different countries across the world.  From nature to manmade world)
  • Effects - Wild Noises (Take a trip on the Wild side and explore some of the wildest noises on Earth)
  • Epic Ensemble - 10 Analog Synths (An enormous collection of 10 different synthesizers – recorded together. Warm. Wide. Epic)
  • Epic Ensemble - 10 Basses (10 Basses. 10 Amps. 1 Hall. Bombastically Big Basses)
  • Epic Ensemble - 10 Electric Guitars (10 guitars. 10 Amps. 1 Hall. Unapologetically epic)
  • Epic Ensemble - Epic Dhol Ensemble (A comprehensive collection of dhols played with sticks, mallets, hands, and fingers)
  • Epic Ensemble - Epic Frame Drum Ensemble (A comprehensive collection of Frame Drums. Fantastically Epic)
  • Epic Ensemble - Epic Taiko Ensemble (A larger than life Taiko ensemble that will shake you to your core. Truly Epic.)
  • Epic Ensemble - Epic Toms Ensemble (A totally epic ensemble of Toms, RotoToms, Octobans, Bass Drums, and more)
  • Epic Ensemble - Majestic Percussion (a 20 Piece Percussion ensemble that plays bigger than big. Simply Majestic)
  • Guitar - 24 String Zither (A custom made Zither made by instrument maker Nicolas Bras. Warm and resonant)
  • Guitar - 1958 Thunderstick (A Vintage Guitar great for Blues, but also super versatile. Innovative sampling with rolled volume and prototype slide articulations)
  • Guitar - 1959 Swingmaster (A catalogue Guitar aged to perfection. Smooth and rich Jazz with abilities to do much more.
  • Guitar - 1965 Mello D Maker Rhythm N' Sound (Get Ready to Rock. This dynamic sonic duo can easily serve all of your guitar, bass, and drum needs)
  • Guitar - 1974 Jagra (Old school vibes. From indie to hard rock to metal, to blues and jazz)
  • Guitar - 1975 Soulful Guitar  (Feel power of 127 dynamic velocity layers on this infamous 1975 Gibson w/ Super Humbuckers)
  • Guitar - 1994 LP Studio (This Guitar has it all! A veteran in the music industry and a go-to instrument for countless of players. Get ready to rock with this classic guitar)
  • Guitar - 2020 Modern PR-String (Our most extensively sampled Guitar library. Comes in three versions: Clean, Fuzz, and Over Drive)
  • Guitar - Bras Glass Marble Lyre (A custom made Lyre with small glass marbles that fall on the strings like rain)
  • Guitar - Bras Kora Drum (A custom made Harp-Lute made by instrument maker Nicolas Bras with deep lows and glittery highs)
  • Guitar - Emotional Guitars Multi (Based on Plutchik's Wheel of (32) Emotions. A multi sampled guitar library with full range of emotions)
  • Guitar - Emotional Guitars Pads (Based on Plutchik's Wheel of (32) Emotions. A guitar Pads and Ambiences library with full range of emotions)
  • Guitar - Oliver Codd 12 String (Custom Instrument made by Oliver Codd. Completely One of a Kind 12 String Guitar)
  • Guitar - Terz Guitar (Little Guitar. Big Emotion. Martin Acoustic Terz Guitar 5-28 is an acoustic treasure)
  • Guitar - Ukuleles (Two gorgeous Martin Ukuleles. Plucks, Strums, 5ths, Power Chords, Amience, Cinematic. You name it)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Analog Modular Percussion (Badass Percussion. Subtle Clicks to Bombastic Booms)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Atmospheres and Moods (Beautiful, rich textures. Serene, spacey, epic, underscore. Just name it. This library has it all)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Booms and Hits (Dark. Deep. Booms. Epic punchy Booms and Hits)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Braahms Horn Generator (Big. Bold. Bossy. Brass. Full, massive, epic Brass. 60 Programs and 52 Parts)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Cinematic Drum Kits (Alive Cinematic Percussion with comprehensive velocity and round robins. 38 Programs and 8 Parts)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Downers & Falls (Full of downers and falls (of course), intensifying downers, boomers, doppler effects, tonal, atonal, and rhythmic sounds, as well as evocative and emotional sound effects)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Dunescape (A planet sized library filled with otherworldly sounds, featuring Ambiences, Textures, Pads, Duduks and Whispers.)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Ear Candy & Strums (Sonic Goodies Full of Intense Flavor. Ethereal Sonic Soundscapes)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Hits and Impacts (Core. Quaking. Hits. A Universe of Sounds Right Under Your Fingertips)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Hybrid Emotions  (32 different Human Emotions in the form of Sound Design.  You can even morph emotions together)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Hybrid Tools Foundations (the gold standard for epic and hybrid cinema music)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Hybrid Tools Evolutions (The dark, dirty, and grittier sequel to the groundbreaking Hybrid Tools Foundations) 
  • Hybrid Cinema - Hybrid Tools Paragon (the quintessential instrument for crafting awe-inspiring soundscapes and musical compositions)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Hybrid Tools Apex (The pinnacle of modern Hybrid Cinema scoring. a Must for any composer)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Motion Effects (The sound of Motion. Racecars, electricity, and custom sounds that accelerate and separate)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Slams (Massive. Epic. Slams. 3 categories of Slams. Drums, Percussion, and Synth Slams. The ultimate rhythmic tool)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Spice Drums (Our first ever Post-Epic instrument. Cinematic Sonic Spice, but with Bite)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Sub Hits (Super. Sonic. Subs. Unapologetically epic in nature. Orchestral Hits, Drum Hits, and Synth Hits)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Rhythmic Auras 1 Acoustics (Sonic Perfume, perfect for adding a sonic aura to your music)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Terminus (One of our most popular Hybrid Cinema Libraries. Full of Cinema Scoring gold)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Tick Tock UDS (Keep Perfect Time. Deepest Sampled Library of Tick and Tock)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Uppers & Risers (Full of Uppers and risers. Great for modern action, thrillers, horror, or anywhere you need a riser to create a heightened emotional journey)
  • Hybrid Cinema - Voices Designs (The Human Voice: the future of Hybrid Cinema music)
  • Keyboards - 1968 B3 Organ (The Future of Nostalgia. Extensively sampled through Leslie Speaker and others)
  • Keyboards - 1972 Wurlitzer (1972 Wurli is a Mean. Pristine. Vintage. Machine. Little Library. Lots of Sound)
  • Keyboards - 1976 Rhodes  (A pristinely well-kept vintage 88-Key Vintage Rhodes MK with three microphone positions)
  • Keyboards - Dirty Clav (Gritty, dirty, soulful Clavinet. Get down and dirty for a good time with the Clav)
  • Keyboards - Vintage Mello-D (All-in-one Orchestra. Vintage Mellotron. Historic sounds at your fingertips)
  • Perc - CLANGGG (a collection of metallic anvils and clangs. Originally a suggestion made on our Discord server, now a reality)
  • Perc - Cymbal Effects (Splash of Color. Custom Cymbal recordings from Troels' personal collection)
  • Percussion Tonal - Alien Drum (Handcrafted hang drum. Fewer than 1,000 in existence. Elegantly Exquisite)
  • Percussion Tonal - Bras Bouncing Springs (Made by instrument maker, Nicolas Bras. Started with a happy accident dropping springs on the shop tile floor)
  • Percussion Tonal - Bras Pop Instrument (Made by instrument maker, Nicolas Bras. Acoustic. Popping. Pipes)
  • Percussion Tonal - Bras Rulers (Made by instrument maker, Nicolas Bras. This Library Rules)
  • Percussion Tonal - Bras Tile Floor Keyboard (Made by instrument maker, Nicolas Bras. The first Tilefloorophone)
  • Percussion Tonal - Bras Tin Can Rods (The hidden beauty of cans. Warm resonant cans.)
  • Percussion Tonal - Bras Water Pipes (Made by the instrument, Nicolas Bras. Impossible to build, but the perfect virtual instrument)
  • Percussion Tonal - Caisa Drum (A beautiful and mellow hang drum with colorful character)
  • Percussion Tonal - Copperphone (Crisp, clean, clear, colorful Copperphone. Completely FREE!)
  • Percussion Tonal - Glass Marimba (Mellow, mesmerizing, Marimba. Normal articulations as well as ambiences)
  • Percussion Tonal - Polyphon (Perfect, Pingy, Polyphon. A 300 pound antique music box. FREE)
  • Percussion Tonal - Smiley Drum (A smile for the soul. Custom made Smiley Drum. FREE)
  • Percussion Tonal - Steel Drum (Beautiful and jammin' comprehensive Steel Drum library. Custom made with Bass and Treble ranges extended to full-range MIDI in Soundpaint)
  • Percussion Tonal - Wrenchenspiel (a xylophone-like instrument that sounds like a glockenspiel, but... made entirely of perfectly tuned wrenches)
  • Piano - 1901 Vintage Upright (Vintage Beauty. Deeply sampled. Perfectly balanced standard and prepared articulations)
  • Piano - Free 1928 Steinway Grand (The finest Steinway Vintage Grand.  Emotion in every key.  Strings originally from 1928)
  • Piano - 1969 Legacy Piano (The natural age of the instrument has allowed its soundboard to open up like a great bottle of wine.)
  • Piano - 1985 Passionate Grand C 5 (Expressive and full of life. Seamless Performance with Infinite Velocity)
  • Piano - 1990 Modern Grand C 7 (Beautiful Studio Grand Piano. Seamless Performance is Infinite Velocity)
  • Piano - 1990 Modern Grand C7 Prepared (Exquisitely recorded. Knocks. Hits. Taps. And more. Endless possibilities)
  • Strings - Adastra Chamber All Full Sections (Emotional realism and expression. All Hidden Gems)
  • Strings - Adastra Chamber Violins (Intimate Emotional realism and expression. Strings Beyond the Stars)
  • Strings - Adastra Chamber Violas (Intimate Emotional realism and expression. Strings Beyond the Stars)
  • Strings - Adastra Chamber Cellos (Intimate Emotional realism and expression. Strings Beyond the Stars)
  • Strings - Adastra Chamber Basses (Intimate Emotional realism and expression. Strings Beyond the Stars)
  • Strings - Adastra Ensemble All Full Sections (Emotional realism and expression. All Hidden Gems)
  • Strings - Adastra Ensemble Violins (Emotional realism and expression. Strings Beyond the Stars)
  • Strings - Adastra Ensemble Violas (Emotional realism and expression. Strings Beyond the Stars)
  • Strings - Adastra Ensemble Cellos (Emotional realism and expression. Strings Beyond the Stars)
  • Strings - Adastra Ensemble Basses (Emotional realism and expression. Strings Beyond the Stars)
  • Strings - Adastra Solo All Full Sections (Emotional realism and expression. All Hidden Gems)
  • Strings - Adastra Solo Violins (Emotional realism and expression. Strings Beyond the Stars)
  • Strings - Adastra Solo Violas (Emotional realism and expression. Strings Beyond the Stars)
  • Strings - Adastra Solo Cellos (Emotional realism and expression. Strings Beyond the Stars)
  • Strings - Adastra Solo Basses (Emotional realism and expression. Strings Beyond the Stars)
  • Strings - Aquatic Harp (Made by instrument maker Nicolas Bras. Strings of the Sea. Rich with Beauty, Motion, and Harmonics)
  • Strings - Bras Nail Violin (Made by instrument maker Nicolas Bras. Nails the Emotion. Sympathetic nails and Sympathetic Strings.)
  • Strings - Centurion Harps 1 (Heavenly, Harmonious Concert Harp. Shimmering Beauty. Exquisite detail)
  • Strings - Disco Studio Strings UDS™ (Warm, Flexible & Fun Studio Strings inspired by Disco! Perfect for any genre of music)
  • Strings - Symphonic Shadows Strings (Aleatoric Sound Design and Ambience. The dark side of the orchestra)
  • Synths - DX7X (Iconic. Exquisitely recorded. Ultra Deep-Sampled. Completely Realistic)
  • Synths - Icelandia I (Tribute to Icelandic Scoring Traditions. The Finest Mix of Analog And Digital Synthesizers)
  • Synths - J8X (A hidden analog gem. Sweet and supple keys and warm pads)
  • Synths - Juniper 8 (The most comprehensive Jupiter 8 ever Ultra Deep-Sampled™.  It is not an emulation.  It is like sitting right in front of it)
  • Synths - Nuno 60 (The first Ultra Deep-Sampled™ Juno 60 representation of its kind.  All classic programs of this magical unit is there and 100% realistic)
  • Synths - Palindrome I (New-school synth instrument designed for big cinematic compositions.  Analog perfection. Ultra Deep-Sampled™)
  • Synths - Palindrome II (Modern Analog Heaven. Ultra Deep-Sampled. Second chapter of Palindrome I)
  • Synths - Polywax UDS (Like Melting wax at your fingertips. A monster Ultra-deep sampled vintage synth)
  • Synths - The Brut (Analog Ultra Deep-Sampled beautiful, gritty, dark, monster synths. 
  • Voices - Forgotten Voices Barbary (A Voice. Unlike Anything. You've Ever Heard)
  • Voices - Forgotten Voices Terrie (Feel the Soul. Latin, Spanish, African, Middle Eastern phrases and chants)
  • Voices - Opera Soprano Maria (Enter the spotlight with a Diva at your fingertips)
  • Voices - Vintage Talk Box UDS (Ultra-Deep Sampled. Funky. Gritty. Vintage. Authentic and Expressive)
  • Winds - 1967 Clarinet Paris (Bask in a warm, resonant emotion. Realism has never been greater)
  • Winds - 1970 Baritone Sax Barry (Bold. Bassy. Baritone. Brilliance. Jazz virtuoso Bari Sax)
  • Winds - 1980 Tenor Sax Spectralius (True. Seamless. Legato. Dive into a wild and jazzy Sax from the 80s)
  • Winds - 1982 Oboe Amore (Orchestral Emotional Oasis. Beautiful and agile Oboe Amore)
  • Winds - 1987 Alto Flute Savana (Effortless. Emotional. Realism. A warm, beautiful, and agile Alto Flute)
  • Winds - 1995 English Horn Lorium (Elegant. Warm. Flexible. Seamless. Expressive English Horn)
  • Winds - 1999 Soprano Sax Moonlight (Serene as Moonlight! A smooth and totally realistic Soprano Sax)
  • Winds - 2001 Piccolo Shire (Petite and Pretty Piccolo. Enchanting. Endearing. Etherial)
  • Winds - 2004 Flute Platinus (Perfect. Platinum. Passion. A beautiful and agile platinum flute)
  • Winds - 2010 Bassoon Firebird (Nimble. Expressive. Emotional. Let your playing take flight)
  • Winds - Bras Beatbox Flute (From instrument maker Nicolas Bras. Reminiscent of a pan flute, it provides shakuhachi-like expressions, emotional melodies and even cracking rhythms.)
  • Winds - Symphonic Shadows Woodwinds (Aleatoric Sound Design and Ambience. The dark side of the orchestra)
  • World - Bulbul Tarang (15 String "Indian Banjo." Beautifully Balanced Strings)
  • World - Harmonium (Hypnotizing. Hypnotic. Harmonious. The quintessential reed organ)
  • World - Santur (Sublize. Struck. Strings. A precursor to the Piano dating back to as early as 700 BCE)
  • World - Sitar (Resonant. Mystical. Meditative. Enchanting. Let the Sitar take you to another world.

Note: The Soundpaint All Bundle features all the UDS (Ultra Deep-Sampled™ titles of the libraries - meaning you get the professional graded versions of the instruments. 

Soundpaint All Bundle also contains the maximum abundance of Hidden Gems. Hidden Gems are unique programs that utilizes more than one Instrument at a time.  Specifically designed by some of the worlds leading sound designers.

Soundpaint All Bundle contains all titles, including UDS libraries at the time of purchase.  The All Bundle does not cover any future Soundpaint instruments.




Product: Soundpaint ALL Bundle

  • All Current Soundpaint™ Instruments
  • Programs: 11.2K+ (w/ 700+ Hidden Gems)
  • P(arts): 8.7K
  • Size: 2.2 TB
  • 1,130,801 Real-Time Samples™
  • Includes all UDS (Ultra Deep-Sampled™ Editions) 
  • Sample Resolution: 48 Khz / 24 Bit Stereo, .RTS (Real Time Sample) format


  • Compatible with Windows (Version 10 and above) and Mac (OS X 10.14 and above) on both Intel and Apple ARM (M Chip) architectures. Supported plug-in formats include Stand-alone, VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. Soundpaint engine is optimized for high-efficiency performance across all major Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and hyper optimized for SSD.
  • Minimum System Requirements: Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 16 GB of RAM or more recommended. SSD recommended.

"For the Love of Waveforms ... Get the All Bundle!"

—Troels Folmann
Discover our hidden gems

Discover our hidden gems

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