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Acoustic. Popping. Pipes

I have always loved "pop" sounds.  A simple suction sound tuned by the length of a PVC pipe, which is for me the acoustic version of the lead synth from the tune "Popcorn" by Hot Butters. Popcorn is known as the first commercial track to ever be composed with synthesizers.

I wanted to recreate the sound, but across several octaves and thereby have a popcorn instrument ranging from bass to treble.  So I built a chromatic version of the instrument with 56 different PVC pipes.

I also realized a full cover of the "Popcorn" song would require more bass. So I built a second instrument to complete the popchestra, 15 extra bass notes, with 1 to 3 meters long pipes.

About the creator:

Nicolas Bras is a musical instrument creator, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Paris, France. He began making his own instruments from scraps materials over 15 years ago, with more than 1000 prototypes of winds, strings and percussion.

He shares his time between creation in his workshop, his youtube channel, live concerts, collaborations with composers and creators and traveling to meet musicians and instrument makers.

His collaboration with Soundpaint opens up infinite new possibilities for sound creation that he can’t wait to explore.



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"56 Chromatic PVC Pipe Orchestra"

—Nicolas Bras

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