Bras Kora Drum

  • Deep lows and glittery highs.
  • 12 Programs / 4 Parts
  • 460 Real-Time Samples™ / 0.76GB
  • Soundpaint™ Engine (Free)
  • VST, AU and Standalone 
  • Delivered by Download

The Kora Drum is a mixed inspiration from a Kora and a Kamele N'goni, two harp-lutes from West Africa. It is a 12 nylon strings instrument with a tom from a drumset to replace the calabash and goat skin used on the original.

I use this instrument a lot in my studio recordings, very intuitive to play, clear and unique sound, it can sound traditional or close to a classical harp. I recorded three different playings: open resonant strings, palm muted strings, and drone tremolos. Soundpaint really extends the possibilities of this instrument, with a real acoustic feeling, it becomes a whole new instrument.

The Kora Drum is a custom instrument made by instrument maker, Nicholas Bras. The body is made from a tom drum, but the instrument plays more like a Lute. The Kora Drum is made with 12 strings and is a Harp-Lute. The Kora is traditionally a solo instrument with complex and virtuosic playing and the Kora Drum can do just that as well. 

The sound of this library is truly unique. The timbre of the instrument from the resonance of the drum creates a very interesting sound that only Nicolas Bras could create. The Soundpaint engine also makes the Kora Drum chromatic and extends the the natural range to your controller creating deep resonant plucks in the bass register and glittery plucks in the high register. Enjoy 6 different instrument Parts with regular plucks, muted plucks, and four different tremolos. 



Kora Drum In Action

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"Custom made by instrument maker Nicolas Bras."

—Troels Folmann

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